Council changes parish borders

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CAMPBELL Park Parish Council has been cut down by three grid squares after the council agreed to dramatic new boundary lines.

Councillors voted to transfer the Campbell Park area to be part of the Central Milton Keynes Parish, and Newlands, Willen Lake and Willen were voted to be attached to the Great Linford Parish Council.

Campbell Park resident, Linda Inoki, said: “I know most of my neighbours voted to join CMK parish because that’s where we belong.

“The problem with the old parish boundary was that it divided CMK from Campbell Park. We were like ‘Romeo and Juliet’, kept apart by electoral red tape.

“But now it really feels good that finally, after five years, we can get involved with local issues via a single parish council.”

Another contentious issue also concluded after it was agreed the areas of Woughton Park and Woughton-on-the-Green would be able to form their own parish outside of the current Woughton Community Council.

Lorraine King was a central part of a campaign, Small is Beautiful, to make the new parish area of 746 people. She said: “These plans have been rooted in the area for the past 10 to 15 years. Now that it has happened we are delighted.

“We have spoken to our neighbours in areas such as Tinkers Bridge and they were happier being part of a larger community. We will be two separate communities who want different things.”

Councillor Sam Crooks, who serves the Middleton ward, said: “As communities grow you have to allow change. When 435 people to 19 want something you have to listen to them.”

The changes will take effect in April next year.