Council congratulated for its festive spirit

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standard web pics to use on the Milton Keynes Citizen website

A FAMILY flooded out of their home days before Christmas spent the festive season in a Premier Inn hotel - courtesy of Milton Keynes Council.

The couple live on the ground floor of Doune House flats in Bletchley with their three children, one of which is a small baby.

On Tuesday evening last week a pipe to the water tank burst in the roof of the flats, causing water to cascade down.

“This family got the worst of it because they were on the ground floor,” said their local councillor Nigel Long.

“The flat was too badly damaged for them to live in. It would clearly take some days to sort out and a while before electrics could be restored,

“I was worried they would be homeless with three small children over Christmas.”

Mr Long asked the council to step in and said at first the couple were offered bed and breakfast accommodation in Luton.

“None of us thought that would be suitable so we asked for an alternative,” he said.

“They were then put up in the Premier Inn hotel at Furzton Lake - a very nice place in which to spend Christmas”

Mr Long has congratulated Milton Keynes Council on its Christmas spirit.

But he is now asking that water tanks on all of Bletchley’s council-owned blocks of flats be checked as soon as possible to avoid another disaster.

“I understand the council has been replacing these large water tanks but only when they are in a bad state.

“They all need to be checked routinely,” he said.