Council invites residents to join community energy-switching scheme

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Residents are being invited to join a community energy-switching scheme that could save them more than £150 on their power bills this winter.

Milton Keynes Council has joined forces with energy-switching specialist Ichoosr for ‘the big community switch’ scheme.

Ichoosr enables local communities to form an energy buying group to negotiate a bulk discount deal from power companies.

Ichoosr has successfully helped more than 420,000 people save on average £171 per year on their power bills.

The scheme works by bringing a large group of people together to ask energy companies to bid for their business.

Although savings are not guaranteed, the more people in the scheme the better the deal power companies my offer.

Championing the scheme, Councillor Edith Bald, cabinet member for Finance and Housing. said: “This community scheme has already proved to be a great success and we are now pleased to be able to offer the same benefits of reduced energy bills to citizens in Milton Keynes.

“Everyone can take advantage of the scheme even if you are currently using a pre-payment meter or are on a fixed deal.

“Signing up is easy online but if you don’t have access to the internet you can call Milton Keynes Council who will do it for you.”

Once a bulk deal is agreed by Ichoosr, residents that have registered can still opt out if they decide the deal is not for them.

Residents need to register before October 15 to take advantage of the community energy-switching scheme.

The energy deal takes place the next day and residents then have until November 25 to decide whether to take part.

To register online go to or call 01908 252730.