Council issues 320 ‘clean up now’ notices in crackdown on rubbish – but none in Fishermead and Conniburrow

Rubbish in Fishermead
Rubbish in Fishermead

MORE than 300 notices forcing residents to clean up rubbish dumped in their streets, were issued across Milton Keynes last year.

But incredibly Fishermead and Conniburrow, two of the estates notorious for fly-tipping problems, were not targeted.

Rubbish in Fishermead

Rubbish in Fishermead

A Freedom of Information request from this newspaper revealed 320 Section 46 notices had been issued by Milton Keynes Council in the last year.

These notices force people to remove rubbish from outside their homes.

Eaglestone ranked as the worst estate with 132 orders handed out, 41 of which were issued in one street – Buckingham Gate. However, council officials said this was largely down to an operation to tackle dumped waste in the corner of garage blocks.

Netherfield came next, with 49 offenders in total. Forty of these were living in Farmborough.

But no notices were isssued in either Conniburrow or Fishermead, despite the fact these estates regularly appear towards the top of the council’s Social Atlas league tables which uses a host of social factors to rank city estates.

Last year Conniburrow appeared as the third ‘worst’ estate and Fishermead the 13th.

This week our photographer looked around the streets of the two estates and found huge piles ofrubbish including a sofa, bin bags and a bin full of waste.

One resident said: “We are always being told that Fishermead is improving, but I have only ever seen the estate worsen and I have lived here 17 years.

“When you drive on to the estate and see dumped sofas, mattresses and general household waste discarded outside people’s homes, it doesn’t make for a good first impression.

“Few people seem to take a pride in the area anymore, and the council isn’t interested.”

When we asked the council why no Section 46 notices had been issued in these areas, we were told residents had responded positively to previous inspections.

Karen Ford, head of the regulatory unit at Milton Keynes Council, said: “Conniburrow and Fishermead had targeted inspections carried out where residents responded positively to understanding the need to comply with the law.”

Throughout Milton Keynes, two fixed penalty notices were issued for breaching Section 46 notices and these were paid. There has been one prosecution for breaching a notice.

“By putting out rubbish too early, pests have access to a ready food source and the wind can blow the rubbish through estates causing a public health issue and an eyesore,” added Mrs Ford.

“Sacks and boxes should be placed on the boundary of your property just before 7am on your day of collection. If there have been bank holidays or bad weather, you should check the council website for changes to dates or sign up for our text alerts.

“Enforcement action can be taken against those individuals who repeatedly offend by putting our environment at risk, in line with our enforcement policy, so we do encourage residents to ensure they are not putting the well-being of others in jeopardy.”