Council ready for harsh winter

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We are ready for winter. That’s the message from the council which is assuring residents it will keep them on the move if and when extreme weather hits the area.

Snow, ice and floods have all been forecast over the next few months but the council’s emergency plans have already been put in place to make sure the most vulnerable are kept safe and people are kept moving.

A number of 4x4 vehicles are available to make sure care workers can make visits to patients. The Meals on Wheels service, run by Apetito, will not only be delivering to houses but acting as eyes and ears to the council care team if someone needs assistance.

The council is also offering advice to residents regarding staying fit and healthy, geeting flu jabs, as well as advice for drivers including the need to carry essential items in the car including food and drink, a shovel and warm clothes.

Council highways teams will be on call 24 hours a day to help clear roads.

> For more on the schedule see the council’s Twitter site