Council refuse to help pothole OAP

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A pensioner who was catapaulted off her mobility scooter when riding over a pothole has spoken of her “disgust” after a year-long battle with the council.

Rita Antrige, 78, has written countless letters asking for the pothole to be mended and her damaged scooter repaired.

She wrote to the council’s solicitors and even the local government Ombudsman.

But 13 months on, Milton Keynes Council has flatly refused to carry out either request, she says.

“I’m worried someone else will be hurt. The pothole is right near the doctor’s surgery on Beanhill and there’s so many pensioners on this estate that it’s like a scooter derby there,” she told the Citizen.

Mrs Antrige, who lives on Lammas, was taken to hospital after the accident and still has a scar on her arm.

She is more worried however about her scooter, which has been making “funny noises” since it hit the pothole.

“A bit fell off the front of it and I’m not sure what it was. It costs £50 to get serviced and I don’t have that kind of money so I’ve just carried on and hoped for the best. I’m disgusted really,” she said.

The council’s insurers Zurich told Mrs Antrige they were unable to offer compensation.

In a letter to her they state: “The council, as highways authority is responsible for maintaining the highway, at public expense, to a reasonable standard. It does not stipulate that the highway has to be perfect at all times.’

A council spokesman told the Citizen this week: “Our insurance section investigated this claim at the time, and sent the relevant information to our insurance company.”

He added: “The insurance company rejected the claim on the basis of our inspection and maintenance criteria.”