Council’s dimming plan called into question by former leader

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FURTHER dimming of street lighting in Milton Keynes could endanger public safety according to the former leader of the council.

With thousands of lights on the grid roads already turned off, plans are afoot to dim many lights further during off-peak hours in a bid to save money.

But Councillor Cec Tallack believes that plans to dim lights, particularly around thecentre:mk and Xscape car parks, can only be detrimental.

In an email to Councillor Tallack, ward councillor for Campbell Park ward, Laurence Pratt, head of Highways Services, said: “The council had previously decided there would be reduction on the budget for electricity for public lighting within MK.”

It is proposed to dim all 2,340 public car park lights and residential streets with car parking.

Councillor Tallack said: “Surely if we have people enjoying a night out in our city, providing good street lighting must be a prerequisite. If not, then many may no longer come and fear of crime will be one of the factors.

“Under this proposal, the majority of residential areas come into the category A – dimmed lights between 6.30pm and 6.30am. At the last meeting, I made it clear that I thought 10pm was too early for residential areas.

“This is completely unreasonable. Residents deserve a safe environment and lighting is important to that everywhere but more so in the city centre environment.”