Council’s proposed cuts in full

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THE government’s comprehensive spending review has forced Milton Keynes Council to budget for a massive 34 per cent cut to it’s total spend over the next four years.

Council finance boss Councillor Sam Crooks has drawn up a list of proposed savings which would help balance the books. The list can be seen in full here.

The final decisions will be made in February.

List of Council Savings Proposals 2011/12

For further information about any of these savings please contact:, quoting the relevant reference number.


Ref: CWB1 – 5% reduction in voluntary sector grants, voluntary community centre management committees and employment support and economic grants.

20% reduction to Wider Use funding and a cessation of the Community Registration Scheme.

Stop grant to Milton Keynes Economy and Learning Partnership.

Saving: 115,000

CWB 2 – Redesign of in-house Leisure Management service

Saving: 245,000

CWB 3 – Increase in Community Language service income due to contracts with other authorities.

Saving: 10,000

CWB 4 –Savings from new leisure partnership contract with Hertsmere Leisure Trust.

10% reduction in Shenley, Woughton, Wolverton and Watling Way Trusts and Newport Pagnell Town Council grants.

Savings from club management of sports grounds.

Saving: 360,000

CWB 5 –Fee increases.

Caldecotte Xperience and Longrigg Residential Centre: phased reduction in funding prior to third sector organisation taking over both facilities on long term fully repairing leases as from 1st April 2012

Saving: 168,000

CWB 6 – Theatre savings as a result of new property arrangement agreed by Cabinet in June 2010.

Saving: 100,000

CWB 7 – Arts Development – service redesign and a significant reduction in grants to organisations not occupying Council assets and to those that do occupy Council premises; Saving: 120,000

Heritage Development – service redesign and a reduction in non-statutory grants; Saving: 1,000

Sports Development – service redesign and a significant reduction in grants to organisations not occupying Council assets. Reduction in hours of sports development post; Saving: 104,000

CWB 8 – Library management restructure

Saving: 133,000

CWB 9 – Savings from new Westcroft library relocated facility as a result of the income derived from a more viable located facility

Cease libraries joint arrangements with Bucks County. Council. and manage in house.

Saving: 22,000

CWB 10 – Closure of Woburn Sands and Stony Stratford libraries in consultation with the appropriate Town Councils

Saving: 144,000

CWB 11 – Restructure of service at Central Library and mobile libraries

Reduce opening hours across all libraries by an average of 2 hours per week.

Saving: 81,000

CWB 12 – Student Support service to be transferred to national delivery

Saving: 55,000

CWB 13 – Community Safety - reduce service to meet minimum service requirements

Saving: 277,000

CWB 14 – Policy & Performance Management - Restructure across the Division.

Saving: 56,000

CWB 15 – Housing General Fund – Restructure of service (& further £30k saving in 2012-13)

Saving: 60,000

CWB 16 – Housing General Fund – Grants - Reduction in grant to Shelter, MK Energy and HIA

Saving: 10,000

CWB 17 – Housing General Fund - Travellers sites reconfiguration. This saving is achievable assuming the Fenny Lock development goes ahead.

Saving: 4,000

CWB 18 – Staffing restructure across Supporting People and Commissioning teams; Saving: 50,000

Savings from recent re-tender on CAB contract and expected savings to be achieved through ongoing review/re-tender of existing contracts. Saving on YMCA contract; Savings on clinical waste contract; Saving: 184,000

Investment in Intermediate Care Service’s staffing leading to reduction in dependency on residential and domiciliary care services; Saving: 57,000

CWB 19 – Adult Social Care:

Achieve savings in Older People/Physical Disability through service re-design in line with Cabinet Paper “meeting the future needs of older people”.

Phased service change between Internal and External homecare increasing external % of the activity resulting in reduced unit costs.

Saving: 202,000

CWB 20 – Adult Social Care Charging – estimated additional income generated from the review of charging for care at home. This includes the introduction of charges for clients in Supported Living. The results of the current consultation and report to January Cabinet are still due to be finalised and therefore there is a risk that this income level may not be achieved.

Saving: 813,000


CYPS 1 – Efficiency savings in The Music Service through increasing the time that is spent on teaching by managers, ceasing the provision of the additional Year Three Wider Opportunities Programme in primary schools and reducing the costs of the scholarship scheme for more able dual instrument musicians and transferring these costs to the Friends of the Music Service.

Saving: 100,000

CYPS 2 – Professional services. This is achieved through efficient working practice. There are no staffing implications.

Saving: 5,000

CYPS 3 – Review of SEN service to achieve further efficiencies

Saving: 100,000

CYPS 4 – Reorganisation of the emergency social work team so that cover is provided by staff who are on stand by call at home during the night (midnight to 9.00am) rather than on duty at work.

Saving: 60,000

CYPS 5 – Quality Assurance post - This post will be deleted and the QA function covered by other managers within children’s social care.

Saving: 40,000

CYPS 6 – Integrated Childrens System, a national data and recording system for children’s social care was implemented in MK in 2008. The system is now more embedded and less resource is needed to maintain it.

Saving: 50,000

CYPS 7 – More efficient allocation of resources to children and families with high levels of need.

Saving: 50,000

CYPS 8 – Improved contracting with independent providers of residential care and foster care for children in care, together with the development of framework agreements with providers

Saving: 350,000

CYPS 9 – Transferring the costs of running three day nurseries attached to children centres from General Fund to the Early Years Sure Start Childcare Grant. This will not affect the day to day running of the service at these nurseries.

Saving: 100,000

CYPS 10 – Redesign School Improvement Team to current staffing levels

Saving: 311,000

CYPS 11 – Universal Services (1) - This was an initial grant to fund the start up of Extended Services with schools. The grant ends on 31 March 2011. Schools are expected to have used the funding from the last three years to become self sustaining in this area. Staff members in posts funded by this grant have been put at risk of redundancy.

Saving: 291,000

CYPS 12 – Universal Services (2) - This is the final year of this grant which ceases from 31 March 2011. The grant funds National Strategy Consultants for their work with schools. The grant also covers some funding directly to schools for specific continuing professional development for teachers. Staff members in these posts have already been put at risk of redundancy. In the future schools with particular needs will access support from other schools as is already happening in some instances.

Saving: 519,000

CYPS 13 – The Connexions Service. Restructure service provision to focus on the most vulnerable rather than being available to everyone of the relevant age.

Saving: 1,000

CYPS 14 – The January Guarantee. This was a one off grant from the previous government which is being ended. There are no staffing consequences to this reduction. The activities that this grant funded will be achieved through other related means.

Saving: 28,000

CYPS 15 – Targeted Services – The saving will be achieved by;

A reduction in some activities associated with the PAYP grant which is to end.

The transfer of responsibilities from youth workers funded by PAYP to the substantive Youth Service team.

The rationalisation of Youth Service management structure

Reduction in some play development provision.

Saving: 242,000

CYPS 16 – The government is ending Children’s Trust Funds from January 2011.

Saving: 3,000

CYPS 17 – Family group conference service and educational support for children in care will be maintained at same level through the deletion of a post and the use of sessional staff.

Saving: 69,000

CYPS 18 – School Travel Advice: Ending of funding from DfE grant to Environment Directorate to provide this advice function.

Saving: 29,000

CYPS 19 – Teenage Pregnancy - DfE grant has been reduced in 2010/11. Duties will be reallocated to other officers within CYPS.

Saving: 50,000

CYPS 20 – Children’s Fund: Following DfE grant reduction in 10/11, it is proposed to reduce funding to community based preventative programmes mainly delivered through the community and voluntary sector.

Saving: 200,000

CYPS 21 – Reduced investment in family support and other social care projects provided under contract, mainly by community and voluntary sector. .

Saving: 200,000

CYPS 22 – Redesign of the Early Years Learning Team. Work will be redistributed across members of the wider Early Years Team.

Saving: 50,000

CYPS 23 – Youth Offending: Service restructure

Saving: 50,000

ENVIRONMENT DIRECTORATE (Total savings: £6,724,000)

ENV 1 – Reduction in print costs

Savings: 2,000

ENV 2 – Reduction in miscellaneous expenses

Savings: 3,000

ENV 3 – Implementation of new contract price for Organic waste treatment, Civic Amenity sites, Landfill disposal and Hazardous Waste.

Savings: 619,000

ENV 4 – Zero Waste option diverting existing landfill costs. Waste will be transported to an alternative treatment facility to be made in to a refuse derived fuel.

Savings: 114,000

ENV 5 – Merger of collection crews for abandoned trolleys and contaminated pink sacks.

Savings: 51,000

ENV 6 – Savings on existing contract and software costs for abandoned vehicles by redesigning service

Savings: 6,000

ENV 7 – Amendments to overtime and operating costs of CCTV provision. Will not affect level of service provided.

Savings: 9,000

ENV 8 – Increased income associated to the enforcement of abandoned vehicles and shopping trolleys

Savings: 10,000

ENV 9 – General maintenance efficiencies through smarter working

Savings: 103,000

ENV 10 – Savings on temporary Coachway due to opening of new Coachway in 2010-11

Savings: 233,000

ENV 11 – Reduction in management costs through joint working with neighbouring partners

Savings: 100,000

ENV 12 – Redesign of the current landscape maintenance service and introduction of new operating practices resulting in smarter working (includes redesign of open space to reduce annual maintenance costs)

Savings: 500,000

ENV 13 – Waste Collections –changes in shift pattern working for refuse collection service

Savings: 150,000

ENV 14 – Trading Standards –animal control service to be cost neutral over a 3 year period.

Savings: 25,000

ENV 15 – Trading Standards –a fully outsourced service for stray dog control

Savings: 52,000

ENV 16 – Waste – savings are identified because householders reduced the amount of waste going to landfill

Savings: 81,000

ENV 17 – Building Control –to be cost neutral over a 3 year period.

Savings: 127,000

ENV 18 – More effective use of legal advice in Planning

Savings: 80,000

ENV 19 – Street Lighting - transfer of function back from Mouchel to MKC

Savings: 100,000

ENV 20 – Landscape – increased commercial trading activity with external clients

Savings: 20,000

ENV 21 – Building Services – increased trading activity

Savings: 4,000

ENV 22 – Workshop and Fleet – increased commercial trading activity with clients

Savings: 43,000

ENV 23 – Highways Trading account – increased commercial trading activity with clients

Savings: 71,000

ENV 24 – Waste – introduction of a charge at the civic amenity sites for commercial waste and all material from outside of the Borough

Savings: 60,000

ENV 25 – Trading Standards – additional pest control income

Savings: 10,000

ENV 26 – Planning - Increase land charge fees by 25% to £100

Savings: 50,000

ENV 27 – Redesign of grass cutting service and current schedules

Savings: 129,000

ENV 28 – Street Cleansing - Reduction in cleaning rapid response crews from 6 to 5.

Savings: 55,000

ENV 29 – Overtime and frequency adjustments to street cleansing service

Savings: 100,000

ENV 30 – Adjustments to graffiti cleansing crew service response levels

Savings: 55,000

ENV 31 – Environmental Health – reductions in discretionary activities

Savings: 24,000

ENV 32 – Removal of The Bowl Christmas Park and Ride service

Savings: 130,000

ENV 33 – Remove the contribution for Thames Valley Safer Roads Project.

Savings: 397,000

ENV 34 – Restructure of street safety team

Savings: 135,000

ENV 35 – Reduce the Council’s urban design capacity

Savings: 186,000

ENV 36 – Safer Communities - Reduction in enforcement costs associated to abandoned vehicles

Savings: 75,000

ENV 37 – Reduce the distribution of the number of black sacks distributed to the public to 25% of current levels

Savings: 120,000

ENV 38 – Revised programme for Highways maintenance

Savings: 250,000

ENV 39 – Passenger Transport – Removal of planned extension of concessions to young people up to the age of 19 and not in full time education.

Savings: 283,000

ENV 40 – Restrict usage of senior bus passes to statutory minimum, i.e. off peak bus journeys only.

Savings: 289,000

ENV 41 – Reduce bus subsidies where there is low take up.

Savings: 352,000

ENV 42 – Reduce monitoring of research and analysis of the demographics of Milton Keynes

Savings: 119,000

ENV 43 – Trading Standards – restructure of service

Savings: 230,000

ENV 44 – Merger of Parish Partnership fund, Youth Fund and Residential Parking fund to form one new Parish Fund at a level 50% lower than 2010/11

Savings: 88,000

ENV 45 – Reduce Corporate Health & Safety function.

Savings: 75,000

ENV 46 – Reduce Emergency Planning function

Savings: 30,000

ENV 47 – Environmental Health – Restructuring of service

Savings: 161,000

ENV 48 – Restructure the Council’s Highway & Planning Development Control functions so as to achieve efficiencies

Savings: 130,000

ENV 49 – Reduce the Council’s Conservation and Archaeological functions

Savings: 118,000

ENV 50 – Reduce the Council’s development planning functions

Savings: 115,000

ENV 51 – Savings assume 100% reductions in lighting on grid roads excluding essential lighting at junctions & roundabouts.

Savings: 394,000

ENV 52 – Removal of transport sustainability service

Savings: 61,000


FaRM 1 – Savings from review of cleaning supplies/contracts and earlier closure of Saxon Court

Savings: 109,000

FaRM 2 – Review of market supplement payments for staff.

Savings: 57,000

FaRM 3 – Rent reviews on commercial properties owned by the Council.

Savings: 40,000

FaRM 4 – Reduction in ICT partnership charge

Savings: 30,000

FaRM 5 – Restructuring of Internal Audit department and bringing forward saving from 2012/13 through the review of team and administrative support

Savings: 87,000

FaRM 6 – ICT:- Use of alternative funding sources (European Union Grant) to support an element of core activities

Savings: 40,000


S&P 1 – Reduce number of issues of Live MK and focus on alternative media to communicate with the public.

Savings: 16,000

S&P 2 – Restructuring within Democratic Services

Savings: 281,000

S&P 3 – Re-design of Corporate Equality/Cohesion function and the Corporate Partnerships function within Policy and Improvement’.

Savings: 121,000

S&P 4 – Efficiencies in advertising spending. Cross council savings.

Savings: 23,000

S&P 5 – Charge parishes for work on by-elections.

Savings: 10,000

S&P 6 – Income from foundation schools to meet costs of administering Schools Admission Appeals process

Savings: 30,000

S&P 7 – Reduce Locality Budgets by 50%, Members’ training by 50% and remove provision for civic events

Savings: 71,000

S&P 8 – Part of the Government’s Area Based Grant supported projects contributed to the National PREVENT strategy for the prevention of Terrorism. This grant is no longer being provided by Government and therefore the programme will cease from March 2011.

Savings: 59,000

S&P 9 – Economic Assessment Duty –No ongoing requirement

Savings: 65,000

S&P 10 – Efficiency saving from the commissioning of legal services across the Council

Savings: 70,000

S&P 11 – Reduction in level of grants to the voluntary sector through taking a corporate approach to determining grant aid. Reductions will be in grants provided across the council.

Savings: 35,000

CORPORATE (Total savings £4,692,000)

RIO 1 – Increased debt recovery

Savings: 25,000

RIO 2 – Outdoor education – increase Educational Visits Coordinator (EVC) training, National Governing Body (NGB) Courses, develop BMX facilities.

Savings: 35,000

RIO 3 – Registrars – De-commission current wedding room, nationality checking service

Savings: 65,000

RIO 4 – Libraries – assisted research and use of exhibition space

Savings: 1,000

RIO 5 – Adult social care community alarm – additional contracts

Savings: 35,000

RIO 6 – Cemeteries and Crematoria – increased burial, cremation and maintenance fees

Savings: 194,000

RIO 7 – Promotion of waste recycling

Savings: 149,000

RIO 8 – Increase income from corporate advertising and sponsorship

Savings: 100,000

RIO 9 – Credit card charges on non statutory services

Savings: 55,000

RIO 10 – Charges for drainage consultancy

Savings: 14,000

RIO 11 – Income from district centre contracts

Savings: 25,000

VFM 1 – Essential Car user and mileage changes

Savings: 1,000,000

VFM 2 – Reduce interior landscaping

Savings: 13,000

VFM 3 – Reduce catering costs including catering for Members

Savings: 170,000

VFM 4 – Improve the process for booking rail tickets to reduce costs

Savings: 38,000

VFM 5 – Reducing number of mobile phones and blackberries

Savings: 21,000

VFM 6 – Performance, Policy, Planning, Research and Intelligence Review – review of these functions across the Council to reduce support costs

Savings: 448,000

VFM 7 – Communications – review of publications and the communications functions across the Council to reduce costs

Savings: 100,000

Senior Management Review

Savings: 204,000

Procurement savings

Savings: 500,000

Working Better Together (Mouchel)

Savings: 1,500,000