Council ‘scumbag’ uproar chief gets new business post

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A disgraced former council boss who posted inappropriate comments on Facebook has become a prestigious director of the city’s Chamber of Commerce.

Karen Ford, former head of MK Council’s regulatory unit, has set up her own company to give advice to other businesses, the Citizen can reveal.

Ms Ford was suspended after making vindictive comments about people she had prosecuted under the council’s trading standards legislation.

She posted on her Facebook page: ‘Ha, one scumbag got sent down and another has to cough up £65k in fines and costs. That’ll learn ya!’

Another of her online comments said: ‘Oo - not forgetting the 600K the latter one has to pay off as proceeds of crime. Stick that in ya Christmas stocking.”

Ironically Ms Ford’s new business, JKL Regulatory Ltd, offers website compliance advice as well as legal advice in trading standards matters,

The subject of a council investigation herself, she also offers to investigate “issues” on behalf of businesses.

Ms Ford, who lives in Oxley Park, joined the Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce board of directors this month to help “shape the strategic vision of the Chamber”.

But others are not so impressed. One source told the Citizen: “I think it’s incredible that a woman who had to leave her job after posting offensive comments should be held in esteem as a board member of the chamber of commerce.”

Ms Ford said declined to comment.