Council shows true grit in winter

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COUNCIL officials have prepared 3,500 tonnes of grit to help battle this years cold snap.

Road users are being urged to take extra care this year as temperatures fall below freezing and gritters are deployed in areas of highest importance.

Priority grit spreading routes include all the main grid roads, main estate spine roads and classified rural routes, as well as bus routes, and access roads to emergency services.

Adrian Carden, road safety team leader at Milton Keynes Council, said: “Good vehicle maintenance is particularly important in winter. Car owners should also check the local and national weather forecast before setting off on their journey.

“Putting aside a few minutes to make checks and to plan your journey before you set off could make all the difference.”

Salting is carried out across Milton Keynes before the morning rush hour, after the evening rush hour and often throughout the night as well.

Each salting operation uses around 50 tonnes of salt and during an average winter gritters may go out around 45 times. If this is the case this year then the council would have a salt surplus of over 1,000 tonnes.

In extreme conditions just the major routes will be salted to help preserve supplies.

To check your planned route this winter visit where you can find up to date traffic information for the city.