Council to spend £22million on two new GP surgeries

A whopping £22million is to be spent building TWO GP centres to cope with prospective patients from a new housing development.

Friday, 4th March 2016, 4:30 pm
Updated Friday, 4th March 2016, 4:34 pm

MK Councillors are expected to announce the substantial investment at a Cabinet meeting on Monday, March 14.

The first prospective surgery, costing £13.5million, will be situated at Whitehouse, a new housing estate in the western flank.

It follows widespread concern that existing GP practices such as Great Holm, Stony Stratford, Westcroft and Wolverton would not be able to cope with thousands of new residents.

Councillor Rob Middleton, Cabinet member for Finance will also set out plans to spend a further £8.75million to build another GP centre in Brooklands on the eastern flank.

It follows criticism over £22million ‘worth’ of cuts to public services announced last month - despite the council spending £6million to revamp their Civic Offices.

Mr Middleton said: “This is all about a well run Labour-led council delivering health and care services for the future.”

Stony Stratford Health campaigner Charlie Wilson has been working with local councillors Rob and Liz Gifford to try and secure funding for this new GP provision.

Mr Wilson said: “The Stony Stratford Town Council had identified the problem along with the local Stony councillors and those from Loughton and Shenley, like Cllr Zoe Nolan.

“They argued the new developments on the west flank needed a new GP practice. I am delighted that Milton Keynes Council is proposing to invest £13.5 in a new practice.”