Council steps up road improvement plans ahead of winter

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Road repairs across the city are soon to get the pothole ‘hit squad’ treatment as the Council steps up its grid road improvements.

Hit squads, which helped to repair 2,700 potholes, will soon be out and about improving the roads so they are ready for the potentially hazardous winter weather.

The council will be using special powers to speed up its usual procurement procedures, so that planned highway improvement and road safety schemes can continue in parallel.

Council Leader Andrew Geary made the announcement at the latest meeting of the Cabinet Procurement Committee on Tuesday, which officially endorsed these arrangements.

The council has already resurfaced 77,000 square metres of roads this year as part of road improvements – the equivalent of 19 football pitches, 200 tennis courts, or the whole of Buckingham Palace, and over a six-week period, the Pothole Patrol team used more than 250 tonnes of bitumen to fill 2,717 potholes.

Councillor John Bint, Cabinet Member responsible for Transport and Highways, said: “We have already allocated the budget for these repairs.

“I’m delighted that we are now able to get on with it, and do the work that the public has been calling for.”

If anyone spots a pothole or other road defect, please log onto, email or call 01908 252353.