Council threatens to scrap wardens in sheltered housing

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Sheltered housing residents may lose on-site wardens because of council cutbacks, the Citizen can reveal.

This week elderly people across MK were sent letters stating that the council has proposed to “no longer provide sheltered housing officer support” in sheltered housing.

Council leader Pete Marland wants to scrap the dedicated warden service to save £560,000 from next year’s budget.

Residents say they are “up in arms” over the proposal, which has struck fear into their communities.

One resident at Putman House in Shenley Lodge, who did not wish to be named, said: “Our warden is amazing. When residents are having a difficult time or are ill she is there to help.

“She can spot the confusion brought on by a water infection by talking to a resident and call their GP surgery for a test and treatment instantly.

“Without wardens these people are on their own and the saving made by the council will only end up costing the NHS more and less elderly people being able to live independently.”

These changes are being proposed to help save £22million from the council’s budget by next year.

Mr Marland said: “MK Council faces some increasingly tough choices.

“We are working smarter and harder than we ever have to improve, streamline and modernise services.”

The Labour cabinet will vote on the proposals at a meeting on Monday evening. If approved, it will be open to public consultation from December 15 until January 20.

If approved, the wardens will be scrapped by April 2016.