Council told to stop fobbing residents off

Councillor Martin Gowans
Councillor Martin Gowans

Residents are up in arms that they are being put at risk by the council’s front entrance security system to their homes.

Avon Grove House, a group of 18 flats in three blocks in West Bletchley, currently gives access to all front doors with one key fob - meaning residents from one block can easily enter another.

Ward councillor Martin Gowans said: “Residents believe that entry to a block of flats should be limited to the residents who live in each block.

“This would help guarantee the security of each block, because each block would only be accessible to the residents who live in the block.”

He believes that there needs to be a Bletchley-wide review of how the Fobs key systems works - and this should be undertaken in consultation with residents.

He added, “There are over 1000 flats in Bletchley, with a range of security and door entry systems.

“All properties need a good credible security system that works. The Avon Grove flats are not as secure as they should be.

“I recently wrote to residents of the flats and have had a range of responses many raising concerns about access.”

He said: “I am aware of problems with key fob belonging to former residents not being cancelled and that the key fobs do not always work.

“A practical review of the system with the residents could help improve security. That makes good sense to me. I will raise with the Cabinet member for housing.”