Council urged to dive in on swim plans

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Milton Keynes Council is being urged to let children and pensioners swim for free across the city.

Labour and Co-operative Parliamentary spokesperson, Andrew Pakes has teamed with Councillor Elaine Wales to push the scheme which would see pensioners swimming in city pools free all year round and children enjoying the same benefit in the school holidays. West Bletchley Parish and Bletchley and Fenny Stratford Town Councils fund similar schemes.

Mr Pakes said: “Swimming is one of the most popular sports for young people, yet with rising living costs life is getting more expensive for many families. Money is not the biggest barrier. Where there’s a will there’s a way.”

Doreen Adcock, who has taught generations of families to swim had her class cut earlier this year.

Mr Pakes said: “We should be encouraging people to give back to their communities, teaching people to swim. Things like that are always run by people like Doreen. They have amazing talent and we shouldn’t be cutting that down.”

Conservative leader Andrew Geary said: “It is a great idea in principle and when Labour comes up with some fully funded plans we will be happy to look at them.

“The concept is very good but you would have to balance it somewhere.”