Council will build more houses

Civic Offices
Civic Offices

COUNCILLORS have voted unanimously to build more council homes for people desperate for housing.

For the first time in decades, Milton Keynes Council will be planning a building programme.

But no decisions have been taken about when and where the work will start and how many properties will be built.

“We know there is a need and for the first time in years we are addressing that need,” said Tory council leader Andrew Geary.

Currently there are 353 people waiting in the Band One category, classed in urgent need of council accommodation.

Many of these are wheelchair users waiting for an adapted bungalow.

But hundreds more people are stuck in Bands two, three and four - and these have virtually no hope of getting a home, councillors have admitted.

More details of the new building schemes, which will be financed through the Housing Revenue Account, may emerge after the council adopts land from the city’s Homes and Communities Agency.

Already Lib Dem councillor Sam Crooks, is calling for the council to become an apprentice academy with MK College to give young people a chance to learn necessary construction skills.