Councillor calls for rent refund if bushes are not trimmed

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A Milton Keynes councillor believes the council’s failure to cut hedges and bushes this summer is damaging the appearance of the city – and that tenants should get a refund on their rent.

At a city wide tenant participation event on Thursday, the main issue bought up was Milton Keynes Council’s ‘lack of action’ over managing and cutting back hedges and bushes this year.

Conniburrow Labour Councillor and council tenant, Pauline Wallis, attended the meeting. She fumed: “The problem we are facing is that the council is not cutting the hedges and bushes back.

“This may seem a small issue, but high hedges and prickly bushes causes a range of problems, such as creating hiding points for burglars and others doing no good.

“It leads to rubbish accumulating, can make parking difficult, people catch their clothes on the over-hanging brambles, and it reduces the general quality of an area.”

“I have raised this matter with council boss Peter Geary. But I think he just tried to fob me off. I am not prepared to keep quiet about this. I believe that tenants should get a refund on their rent if the work is not done.”