Councillor calls for review into drug laws after cannabis factory is found in MK


A councillor has called for a review into drug laws after a cannabis factory was found in the loft of a city home.

Marijuana plants were discovered by police officers called to deal with a house fire in Bradville last week.

Reacting to the news, Councillor Brian White said: “It’s not surprising.

“It could happen anywhere in the country - the fact it was in Milton Keynes is a pure coincidence.

“People will find ways of doing it if they want to.”

Mr White, who represents Bishopstone in Bradville where the drugs were found, believes the current laws are “confusing”.

He said: “I do not know the specific circumstances of this case, but if police have evidence then they need to be supported.

“However, I believe we need a royal commission to look at what is dangerous and what is not.

“We need a complete review of drug laws because more people die from legal prescription drugs than illegal drugs.

“We then need to have a sensible debate about what should and should not be allowed.

“The law is totally confused at the moment.”

Since the cannabis factory was uncovered by police a 34-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of the supply/production/cultivation of drugs and has been bailed until November 15.