Councillor claims UK must remain in the EU ‘for MK’s sake’

Councillor Douglas McCall, Lib Dem group leader
Councillor Douglas McCall, Lib Dem group leader

A leading councillor says it is in MK’s “best interest” to remain part of the European Union.

Lib Dem group leader Douglas McCall today told the Citizen his views after a date was set for an EU referendum.

Mr McCall said: “Milton Keynes is so dependent on the EU with many major European companies based here.

“So many jobs both in MK and the UK depend on Britain being part of the European Union.

“It is in the city’s best interest to remain part of the EU.”

The public will hold Britain’s future in their hands when they head to the ballot box on June 23.

The vote will be just seven weeks after the local elections are held across the country.

Mr McCall fears the EU debate could have an impact on local council elections.

He said: “I think the EU referendum will add another dimension to local elections, but it could overshadow them too.

“However they are very important for the future of Milton Keynes.

“I hope MK citizens will turn out to vote based on local issues.

“You never know, it might have a positive impact, we just have to wait and see.”

The Prime Minister is currently addressing the House of Commons to convince MPs that the UK is better off remaining in the EU - after Boris Johnson yesterday joined the Leave campaign.

Iain Stewart MP for Milton Keynes South made a statement at the weekend outlining his reasons to want out of the European Union.

While Councillor Pete Marland, leader of Milton Keynes Council, asked his Twitter followers to support the Labour In campaign.

Conservative group leader Edith Bald said: “I am still listening to both sides of the argument and have not yet made my decision.”