Councillor gives away his free football tickets

Councillor Maric (right) at the Social Eyes ball last weekend
Councillor Maric (right) at the Social Eyes ball last weekend

A COUNCILLOR has given his free tickets to the council’s VIP box at stadium:mk for Saturday’s ‘Olympic celebration’ to charity.

Lib Dem Councillor Andy Maric of Newport Pagnell South, donated his tickets to Social Eyes – a charity in his ward supporting young people either blind or visually impaired.

Mr Maric, the youngest member of Milton Keynes Council, will instead buy his tickets and sit in the stands.

He said: “I’m sure that a young person with a sight impairment can be more inspired by these celebrations by meeting the Olympians and Paralympians than someone like myself who gets invitations to formal events like this all the time.

“I personally cannot justify as a councillor being given free tickets to see the City Olympic Celebrations ‘in style’ – I plan to pay for my own ticket and sit in the stands with everyone else.”

Liberal Democrat leader Douglas McCall said that his councillors were under no obligation to go to Saturday’s game, and that Mr Maric’s decision to donate his tickets was made on his own. He also added that some councillors were otherwise engaged and would not be present.