Councillor’s Nazi past prompts blast

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RULING Tories have slammed Labour’s ‘hypocrisy’ for selecting a councillor who was once a Nazi.

Backed by the two city MPs, they have written to national Labour party chairman Harriet Harman demanding an immediate review of the councillor’s selection.

Winners and losers at the locale Election count, Stadium:MK

Winners and losers at the locale Election count, Stadium:MK

The Citizen revealed last week how newly-elected Margaret Burke was a co-leader of the city’s November 9th Society in the 1980s.

Then called Margaret Flynn, she and her former husband Terry recruited a 50-strong army of skinheads to daub buildings with swastikas and hand out racist literature.

We also revealed Councillor Burke had served time in Holloway after sabotaging a butcher’s shop while acting for the Animal Liberation Front.

The story prompted dozens of comments, some in support of Ms Burke, who now runs a wildlife hospital from her Bradville home.

Other readers called for her to resign immediately and a by-election to be held for the Bradville seat.

But city Conservatives insist they are not calling for Ms Burke’s resignation.

“We are not blaming her. We are blaming the Labour party,” said Tory leader Andrew Geary.

“Given their strong stance against any association with Nazism and terrorist activities, I seriously question their judgement in their choice of candidate.”

Several months ago Tory MP Aiden Burley was sacked from his transport aide’s job after he attended a fancy dress party where another guest was dressed as a Nazi.

“Labour went berserk just because he was photographed next to somebody dressed as a pretend Nazi,” said Mr Geary.

“For them to then select a councillor who was once a Nazi is just downright hypocritical.”

Mr Geary believes Labour, who insist Ms Burke will be an “excellent councillor”, should consider withdrawing its whip and allow her to stand as an Independent if she wishes.

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