Councillor takes part in Keep Trade Local challenge

Councillor Ann Clancy
Councillor Ann Clancy
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Councillor Ann Clancy took part in the Keep Trade Local challenge week to show the importance of supporting local independent retailers in Bletchley.

The campaign run by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has been widely supported by Politicians across all parties, including the two MK MP’s Mark Lancaster and Iain Stewart.

The aim of the challenge was to celebrate independent small businesses on and off the high street and encourage local and central government to help small business survive and be successful.

Ann Clancy, councillor for the Bletchley Park Ward, shopped on Queensway over the week. She visited shops up and down Queensway including local favourites Palmers Butchers, Fabric World and Ramsbothams Florists.

Ann said: “It was great to visit all the different local independent shops. Queensway often gets a rough deal but, it has improved over the last few years.

“It is important we keep giving it every opportunity to continue improving. Celebrating and shopping with the local retailers is a great way to show support.

“Whether it is was getting some chicken from Palmers or flowers for my mum from the florists, I met some amazing people and will continue heading down to Queensway to do my shopping.

“I will be fighting for Queensway in MK Council, especially when it comes to parking, planning and procurement. The council needs to give these small businesses the best chance of success.”