Councillors’ Basic Allowance to remain the same for 2013

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COUNCILLORS voted last night to keep their annual Basic Allowance at the same levels as last year.

The Basic Allowance is intended to recognise the time commitment of all 51 councillors, which includes having to take time out of their regular jobs for council business, such as meetings with officers, constituents and attendance at political group meetings.

It is also intended to cover incidental costs, such as the use of their homes for council business.

As a standard, councillors are given £9,863 in Basic Allowance, paid in 12 instalments and subject to both tax and National Insurance.

Councillor Andrew Geary will receive an extra £29,332 as leader of the council, while opposition leaders Councillor Douglas McCall and Councillor Norman Miles are given an extra £614. Cabinet members and the Mayor will also be given £10,647 in two instalments.