Councillors’ expense details should be public

Andrew Geary
Andrew Geary

CITY councillors have called for a breakdown of their expense claims to be made public after the council refused to allow the Citizen to view them.

All councillors’ allowances were published this month on the council website.

They show the standard annual payment of £9,863 received by every councillors.

Members with special responsibilities are granted extra allowances, ranging from around £5,000 for committee chairs to £10,000 for top Cabinet members and £26,606 for council leader Andrew Geary.

But the lack of clarity comes over claims for travel and subsistence. While the total amount is listed for each councillor, the public is not allowed to know how the cash was spent.

Many councillor claimed nothing, but top claimer was Labour’s Reg Edwards with £1,175, with Tory David Hopkins second with £1,160.

“None of us have anything to hide. Our expenses should be in the public domain,” said Mr Geary.

Labour leader Norman Miles added: “The public has a perfect right to know.”

Following the MP’s expenses scandal all costs claimed for by Members of Parliament are now open to public scrutiny via the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority website.

> The full list of Milton Keynes Council councillors expenses can be found on the council website.