Council's revamp to cost £6 million

Penny-pinching MK Council will splurge £6 million on revamping its Civic Offices while encouraging staff to work remotely.

Thursday, 3rd March 2016, 9:30 am
Updated Thursday, 3rd March 2016, 9:34 am
MK Council Civic Offices

Just weeks after slashing £22million off public services, work has started on redesigning the 1980s building in Saxon Gate.

It’s thought the costly investment will see the entire council building transformed to make it “more inviting” to the public.

Nearby Saxon Court will close, and staff moved over to the Civic Offices.

But employees are being told to “adopt more agile ways of working” in order to accommodate everyone in one building.

Councillor Catriona Morris, member of MK Council’s homelessness focus group, this week slammed the spending plans.

It follows a sudden surge in homelessness and rough sleepers in the city.

She said: “I find it incredibly frustrating that this sum of money is being spent while people don’t have homes.

“You often see a mother and her children outside the council, with plastic bags filled with their belongings, asking for someone to help them.

“Think how many homes could be built with £6million.”

Labour-led council bosses say the project will “save millions of pounds over the coming years” as they reduce their building overheads.

But money will be invested in new technology to allow council staff to hot-desk and work from home.

No-one will have their own designated desk and senior staff – including the chief executive – will no longer have their own offices.

A council spokesman said: “This project will mean our staff have the right equipment to better serve our 

“It reconfigures the Civic Offices to provide a more inviting customer environment when our residents choose to visit us, and ultimately, will mean all of our staff will be accommodated under just one roof.”