Countdown to local elections and full list of candidates

MPMC Ballot Box
MPMC Ballot Box

Election fever is set to hit Milton Keynes next week as a record number of 240 candidates jostle for the 57 council seats.

With six new seats added due to boundary changes, it will be the biggest election the city has ever seen.

It could also be the most hotly contested, with both Labour and Liberal Democrats nipping at the heels of the current Tory leadership.

An added contender this year is UKIP, which has a candidate in every ward.

Experts say UKIP could achieve success in some seats simply by splitting the vote for the other parties.

“Milton Keynes is a bit of an unknown quantity this year. Everything is up for grabs and anything could happen,” said one former councillor.

“Everybody is nervous about predicting results this year. It’s a really tense situation for candidates.”

Would-be Green party councillors are also standing in most wards and hoping for success from eco voters.

The overall line-up includes several husband and wife teams across the political spectrum.

There is even a daddy and daughter team. Current councillor David Hopkins and daughter Victoria, who is in her 20s, are both hopefuls in Danesborough ward.

Though technically the pair will be standing against each other, each ward has three seats so there could be room for both.

Every voter in Milton Keynes will be able to vote for three local council candidates on their ballot appear.

They will also have a vote in the European parliamentary elections, which are being held the same day.

Polling stations will be open on Thursday, May 22.

But the huge task of counting ballot papers will not begin until the following day, when hundreds of council staff, former staff and temporary counters have been enlisted to help.

The results are not expected until at least 6pm on Friday.

Full updates and coverage will be given on this website.

The list of candidates is listed below by ward:

Bletchley East Ward

CARDINALI,Toni - Green

FRANCIS, Derek Ronald - Liberal Democrats

HUSSAIN, Ali - Green

JONES, Lydia Elizabeth - Green

KENNEDY, Angela Susan - Conservative

KHAN, Mohammed Delwar - Labour

LINCOLN, Ches - Liberal Democrats

NASH, David Glyn - UKIP

NTI, Suzanne Maria - Labour

ROY, Raissa - Liberal Democrats

SAMAT, Vanita Sangan - UKIP

WEBB, Alan Robert - Labour

Bletchley Park Ward

ALLEN, Keith John - Green

BOWLER, Paul Arthur - Green

CLANCY, Ann Melissa - Conservative

GANATRA, Hiten - Conservative

GOULDTHORP, Brian - Liberal Democrats

GOULDTHORP, Victoria - Liberal Democrats

GOWANS, Martin - Labour

KIRKLAND, Ronald George - UKIP

LEAHY, William Patrick - Green

LEVER, Anthony Mark - UKIP

MCKENZIE, Gladstone Roy - Labour

RANA, Javid - Liberal Democrats

WALES, Elaine June - Labour

WALKER, Alexander Christopher - Conservative


Bletchley West Ward

CAMPBELL, Liz - Green

CLARK, Stephen - Liberal Democrat

CRYER-WHITEHEAD, Anne Marie - Green


HIRCOCK, Derek George Frederick - UKIP

LEGG, Mick - Labour

LONG, Nigel Matthew - Labour

NASH, Carol Angela - UKIP

NATHAN, Arun - Conservative

PITFIELD, Adrian Bruce William - UKIP

PRIESTLEY, Moriah - Labour

TOPHAM, Mari - Conservative

TULL, Anthony Spencer - Conservative

VELLA, Alfred Dominic - Liberal Democrat

VELLA, Carol - Liberal Democrat

Bradwell Ward

BAKARE, Munir - Conservative

BRADBURN, Marie - Liberal Democrat

BRADBURN, Robin Martin - Liberal Democrat

CHAUDHRY, Max - Conservative

EXON, Rex - Liberal Democrat

GERRELLA, Phil - Independent

GRAY, Ryan - Conservative


LEWIS, David Lloyd - Labour

PALLETT, Rachel - Labour



SIMPSON, Katie - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Broughton Ward

AHMAD, Safeer - Labour

BELCHER, Veronica - Labour

BINT, John - Conservative

CARTWRIGHT, Peter John - Conservative


CROOKS, Sam - Liberal Democrat

MARIC, Andy - Liberal Democrat

MORRIS, Catriona Lucy Scott - Conservative

OYAKHIRE, Tony - Liberal Democrat

SIDOROWICZ, Kacper - Labour

Campbell Park & Old Woughton Ward

BAILEY, John Charles George - Conservative

BARAC, Carol - Green

BAUME, David - Labour

BRACKENBURY, Ric - Liberal Democrat


HARVEY, Paul Andrew - UKIP

KAHIN, Adan Jama - Labour

MACLEAN, Janet - Labour

MCCALL, Isobel Rosemary - Liberal Democrat

MCDONALD, Peter Thomas - Conservative

ORR, James Harry - Conservative

SNELL, Rosemary - Liberal Democrat

WARR, Julian Charles - UKIP

Central Milton Keynes Ward

BETTELEY, Sarah Jane - Labour

BRADBURN, Kerrie - Liberal Democrats

FRASER, Isabella Forsyth - Conservative

FRASER, Tom - Conservative

GRAHAM, Paul - Liberal Democrats

MCQUILLAN, Patrick - Liberal Democrats


SHIERS, James Richard - UKIP

URANTA, Tubo - Conservative

WALLIS, Pauline Ann - Labour

WATSON, Paul Brian - UKIP

WILLIAMS, Paul Joseph - Labour

Danesborough & Walton Ward

BEVAN, Edis - Liberal Democrats

BRAMALL, Alice Elizabeth - Conservative

CLARKE, Theresa - UKIP

HOPKINS, David George - Conservative

HOPKINS, Victoria Susan - Conservative

HOUCHIN, Russell Frederick - Liberal Democrats

HUMPHRIES, Thomas William - UKIP

JENKINS, Jack - Labour

NUTTALL, Ian Craig - Liberal Democrats

NYE, Roger Graham - UKIP

SENIOR, Barbara - Labour

WOODWARD, Margaret - Labour

Loughton & Shenley Ward

BAILEY, Paul John - Liberal Democrats

BENNING, Bob - Liberal Democrats

CLIFTON, Matt - Labour

DEAN, Michael John - UKIP

DRANSFIELD, Andy - Conservative

EDMONDS, Keri - Green

HOYLE, Donald William - Conservative

HUSSAIN, Ansar - Labour

KRAJICEK, Vivian Elaine - UKIP

NOLAN, Zoe - Labour

PROCTER, Isabell Mary - Conservative

REILLY, David Michael Lee - UKIP

THOMPSON, Christopher Phillip - Liberal Democrats

Monkston Ward

BARNEY, Lee James - UKIP

BUCKLEY, Andrew - Conservative

CLARKE, Uroy - Conservative

COLGRAVE, Kathryn Margaret - Labour

EISEN, Rita Paula - Labour

FERRANS, Jenni - Liberal Democrat

GOUR, Reena - Conservative

MCPAKE, Vanessa - Liberal Democrat

POWER, Kit - Labour

SHAFIQ, Subhan - Liberal Democrat

Newport Pagnell North & Hanslope Ward

BALL, David Joseph - Liberal Democrat

CARR, Jane Caroline - Liberal Democrat

COVER, Ruth - Labour

GEARY, Andrew Joseph - Conservative

GREEN, Jeannette Rebecca - Conservative

JEFFERY, Matthew - Green

NEWBOLD, Mark William - UKIP

PATEY-SMITH, Lynn - Conservative

PRICE, Alan - Labour

RICHARDS, Alan Edward - Liberal Democrat

SAUNDERS, Hilary Monica - Labour

Newport Pagnell South Ward

ALEXANDER, Paul Edward - Liberal Democrat

BONARIUS, Paula - Labour

DAY, Paul William - Labour

EASTMAN, Derek John - Liberal Democrat

FINDLAY, Graham Edward - Green

FLAHERTY, Nicholas Tiller - Conservative

GATES, Richard - Conservative

MCCALL, Douglas - Liberal Democrat

MOORE, Stuart Henry - UKIP

PRICE, Alexander - Labour

ROSE, Nicholas Paul - UKIP

WARDLE, Christopher Paul - Conservative

WOODS, Amanda Jane - UKIP

Olney Ward

BETHUNE, Dee - Labour

COWELL, Katherine Margery - Liberal Democrats


GEARY, Peter James - Conservative



HOSKING, David George - Conservative

JONES, Courtney - Labour

MCLEAN, Keith - Conservative

MENZIES, Val - Liberal Democrats

TOOTILL, Alan - Liberal Democrats

TREND, David - Labour

Shenley Brook End Ward

BURKE, Stuart Gregory Constantine - Liberal Democrat

CANNON, Peter Paul - Liberal Democrat

GEANEY, Kevin Joseph - Conservative

GEANEY, Maggie - Conservative

IVE, Leslie John - UKIP

MORGAN, John David - Labour

PINTO, Philip - UKIP

RAHMAN, Mohammed - Labour

SIMPSON, Rhea Sarah - Green


SULLIVAN, Sue - Labour

TOPHAM, Brandon Rooney - Conservative

WILLIAMS, Chris - Liberal Democrat

Stantonbury Ward

BURKE, Margaret Elizabeth Winifred - Labour

CURTIS, Richard Antony - Liberal Democrats

DAVISON, Graham Alan - Conservative

EDWARDS, Peter - Green


GREENWOOD, Kathleen Ruth - Liberal Democrats

JEFFERY, Margaret Sinclare - UKIP

MALLYON, Alan - Liberal Democrats

MOORE, Pauline - UKIP

PETCHEY, Martin Ronald - Labour

ROSE, Anita Shirley - Independent

SHIVJI, Fazilat Mehboob - Conservative

WHITE, Brian Arthur Robert - Labour

WRIGHT, Barbara Ann - Conservative

Stony Stratford Ward


BRUNNING, Denise Anne - Conservative

CLARKE, Martin Kenneth - Liberal Democrat

EATON, Christopher Graham - Liberal Democrat

GIFFORD, Liz - Labour

GIFFORD, Robert Ulric - Labour

JURY, Ruth Jacqueline - Conservative

MAJID, Arshad Mahmood - Labour

PLATT, Donna - Liberal Democrat

SHEPPARD, Michael John - Green

WHARTON, Philip James Ashley - Conservative

Tattenhoe Ward

BALD, Edith - Conservative

BAUME, Carole Diane - Labour

BURKE, Susan Marcia - Liberal Democrat

COOPER, Eric Charles - Liberal Democrat

DREWETT, Matt - Liberal Democrat

DYER, Dominic John - Labour

MENSAH, Vicky - Labour

MORLA, Geetha Devi - Conservative



SMALL, Gerald Keith - Conservative

TYZACK, Gareth Claude - UKIP

YOUNGS, Amanda Jane - Green

Wolverton Ward

ANWAR, Mohammed - Conservative

BUKHARI, Ans - Liberal Democrats

FRANCIS, Alan Herbert - Green


JEHANGIR, Masood - Liberal Democrats

MARKLEW, Jennifer McElvie - Green

MARLAND, Peter - Labour

MIDDLETON, Robert James - Labour

MILES, Norman Leslie - Labour

MIRZA, Shouket - Conservative

QURESHI, Haroon - Liberal Democrats

RAMSWELL, Patricia Ann - UKIP

TOWNSEND, Ian Geoffrey - Conservative Party Candidate

Woughton & Fishermead Ward

BAINES, Terry James - Independent

CARTER, Lynne - Conservative

COVENTRY, Steve - Labour


HOWARTH, Colin - Liberal Democrats

JEFFERY, Donald William - UKIP

KENDRICK, Darron James - Independent

MACAULAY, Jinmi - Conservative

O`NEILL, Hannah Frances - Labour


PRIEST, David William - Independent

TALLACK, Cec - Liberal Democrats

TOOTILL, Joyce - Liberal Democrats

TOWNSEND, Patricia - Conservative

WILSON, Kevin John - Lab