Couple set to tackle The Welsh 3000s Challenge

MPMC George and Kelly Grant
MPMC George and Kelly Grant

A determined team of fundraisers is set to take on a tough mountain walk for the Teenage Cancer Trust, writes Georgina Butler.

This July, Kelly and George Grant will be accompanied by family members from Milton Keynes in their bid to tackle The Welsh 3000s Challenge.

The Welsh 3000s Challenge involves reaching the peaks of each of the 15 mountains in Wales, which are over 3,000 feet high, within the space of 24 hours and without using any form of transport.

Kelly Grant, née Daniels, grew up in Milton Keynes and met husband George Grant while they were both students at The Royal Ballet School.

The Teenage Cancer Trust is dedicated to improving the quality of life and chances of survival for young cancer patients aged between 13 and 24.

It is a cause that is very personal to the couple and their closest family and friends as George’s ballet career was brought to a premature end in 2008, just before his 18th birthday, when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Following surgery and radiotherapy he was left paralysed down his left side.

Thanks to his fitness from years of focused dance training, George was able to recover enough that, by September 2009, he could walk with a stick.

He then began an undergraduate degree in sports science at the University of Birmingham, alongside Kelly who studied physiotherapy.

After graduating, the couple married in July 2012.

Only a year into married life, and still aged only 23, George endured a relapse when the cancer returned.

Having been given the ‘all-clear’ in November last year he is now more determined than ever to support other young people affected by cancer by fundraising for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

He said: “Around seven young people aged between 13 and 24 are diagnosed with cancer every day in the UK.

“They need expert treatment and support from the moment they hear the word ‘cancer’.

“The Teenage Cancer Trust is the only charity dedicated to making this happen.

“Having fallen into this category twice now, I know only too well that the work they do is life-changing and inspires young people to get through the worst part of their too often cut short lives, with a smile on their faces.”

The Welsh 3000s challenge is not to be taken lightly.

The length of the walk is about 24 miles but the walks to the start point and down from the finish point can make it over 30 miles in total.

Both the uphill and downhill sections of the walk are demanding and the route is very rocky.

Kelly will be joined by her mum, sister and two brothers who live in the east of Milton Keynes, as well as the best man from the couple’s wedding and George’s dad for the challenge – along with George on the support team – over the weekend of July 19 and 20.

Visit to support the team’s efforts.