Crackdown on cabbies ‘potentially putting lives at risk’: Two drivers fined in court


Two cab drivers forbidden from picking up a fare off the street have been fined for breaking the law.

The private hire drivers, who must be pre-booked, were caught plying for hire in December.

On Friday, the pair pleaded guilty to the offence, as well as driving without insurance, and were fined hundreds of pounds by MK Magistrate’s Court.

Gurdeep Singh of Passmore, Tinkers’ Bridge, was fined a total of £600 and received six DVLA penalty points bringing his total to 12 points, resulting in him being banned from driving for six months.

Costs of £400 were awarded to Milton Keynes Council who has claimed it as a victory, as they continue to crackdown on “errant” cabbies.

The other driver, Qaisar Sultan of Buckthorn, Stacey Bushes, was fined a total of £600 plus six DVLA penalty points. Again, costs of £400 were awarded to Milton Keynes Council.

The court heard that both drivers were licensed in South Northamptonshire.

Councillor Catriona Morris, chair of the council’s Regulatory Committee, which governs taxis and cabs, said:

“We will continue to crack down on drivers who blatantly break the law, and potentially put passengers’ lives at risk. “You can only climb into a Private Hire vehicle if it is pre-booked. Otherwise the cab is not insured in the event of an accident.

“It is not fair on the legitimate Hackney Carriage operators in Milton Keynes to have to compete with drivers operating with an unfair advantage.”