Crazy terrier from Milton Keynes soars to global stardom

A barking mad terrier from Milton Keynes has captured the hearts of the nation after his crazy appearance at Crufts.

Wednesday, 15th March 2017, 1:52 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 11:06 am

Rescue dog Olly appeared with his dog trainer owner Karen Parker in the agility arena on Sunday.

His tail-wagging antics left the audience in stitches, the commentators in fit of giggles - and have now caused him to become an Internet sensation.

“I think fame went to his head. He had the time of his life - he just did things in his own typical Jack Russell way!” said Karen, who runs P3 Dog Training Academy in MK.

“He nose-dived a jump, fell flat on his face, dodged the markers and then ran the wrong way through the tunnel. But he enjoyed every second of it,” she said.

Karen, rescued Olly as a puppy from the Blue Cross, was invited to take part in the Crufts charity display last year too.

“That was even worse. Olly got so excited at all the people watching him that he ran up the steps and into the audience half way through the course!” she said.

But Karen, who treated Olly to a canine massage after his energetic appearance, would not change her unpredictable pet for the world.

“I know he can do the agility course perfectly if he wants, but I never know what to expect. It’s impossible to be cross with him though. I just have to just stand there, smile and think ‘that’s my boy!’

“I can’t believe how famous Olly has become. The videos of him nose-diving have gone viral, and there’s pictures and reports of him being published all over the world. He’s become a real star.”

Olly was only 11 weeks old when Karen first saw him at a Blue Cross rescue centre.

“It was love at first sight - but I knew then he’d be a real handful,” she said.

More than 22,000 dogs competed at Crufts. But none of them had as much publicity as Olly, who made headlines in all the national newspapers - for all the wrong reasons!