Cricket club bemoans skate park

Damage to equipment at Newport Pagnell Cricket Club
Damage to equipment at Newport Pagnell Cricket Club

A TOWN cricket club has had its covers damaged and equipment pushed over by vandals.

A set of metal cricket square covers were badly damaged and turned over, a rope that surrounds the pitch was cut up and two 15 foot high sightscreens were also pushed over at Newport Pagnell Cricket Club.

Newport Pagnell Town Football Club, which shares the facility, steward, Gary Hefferon, said the problems come from a small percentage of skate park users who are using the facility after hours.

He said: “If it isn’t properly manned like it is in Northampton and Leicester then it can lead to trouble.

“I’d say 75 per cent of those who use the park don’t cause any problems. But a small percentage are ruining it for other people.”

Mr Hefferon discovered the damage had been done on Saturday morning as Newport Pagnell 1sts prepared the pitch.

He said: “It’s just not fair on people who spend a lot of money on facilities just to see them ruined. We find ourselves constantly cleaning the outfield of alcohol bottles and cans. A facility like this should have gone in Willen, close to the BMX track, out of the way.”

Mayor of Newport Pagnell, councillor Wendy Egan, said she was unaware of any trouble: “We have heard about less trouble since the fencing went up over a year ago. Police patrol up there on Friday and Saturday nights and someone locks the gates.”