A man described as 'dangerous' by a judge faces prison after calling woman 260 times in one HOUR in Milton Keynes

A man who made the life of woman hell has been described as 'dangerous' by a judge

Thursday, 4th March 2021, 12:19 pm

Liam Grey, 39, traumatised the life of woman by obsessively stalking her, Aylesbury Crown Court heard yesterday (Tuesday).

The court heard that Grey began arriving uninvited at the victim's Milton Keynes home twice a week, constantly ringing the door bell and shouting for her. On one occasion he screamed and howled "like a werewolf" for her.

"His behaviour was aggressive, agitated and erratic," prosecutor Michael Speak said.

The judge is considering a lengthy prison sentence

Desperate Grey even tricked his way past nurses at a hospital, pretending to be a member of her family.

Just one week after the hospital stalking, a driver raced towards her and pulled up directly in front of her car door, trapping her from getting in.

The court heard how Grey jumped out of his car and started aggressively shouting abusive comments.

He then begged: "I have 72 hours left to live, please talk to me."

In a statement to the court, the victim said: "He followed me the entire journey back to my mum's address. As he followed me, he pulled into the lane opposite me at least 12 times pretending to swerve his car into mine - getting within inches.

"He sped up, manoeuvring and slamming on the brakes on several occasions as if to encourage me to crash into the rear of his vehicle."

The court heard how Grey had once called her 260 time in just one hour.

"His behaviour was aggressive, agitated and erratic," prosecutor Mr Speak said.

On the last occasion before he was arrested, Grey arrived at the victim's front door on December 18 last year.

When he began to kick the door down, the terrified mother dialled 999 as the defendant screamed "do not think I am scared of the police, I am running rings around them".

The court heard how Grey took himself outside "screaming and howling like a werewolf up towards the sky" and shouting "nobody will stop me, I will be back in two hours".

He then left "abusive, intimidating and nasty" voicemails threatening to return, the court heard.

In a victim impact statement, the victim said: "This has impacted every aspect of my life. On at least 30 occasions Liam has broken into my post box, removing letters with personal details.

"His conduct has escalated, I am truly afraid of what he is capable of. The regularity of his abuse had become normality for me, he knows how to manipulate and upset me. The impact his conduct has had on not only me but my family also has been great."

Grey is charged with stalking involving fear of violence.

Judge Francis Sheridan said: "This woman was living in hell, she is living in permanent fear. I cannot believe anything more horrible than turning up at the hospital. He lied and tricked his way past the staff...to show that he can infiltrate her life."

Judge Sheridan refused to grant the defendant bail conditions - despite arguments that his father was very sick - instead sending him straight to custody on remand.

"The matter of dangerousness needs to be looked at. I did grant him bail previously, but this is the sort of case that now I know the details I cannot, but his time will contribute.

"I have in mind a lengthy sentence, at the moment I am not granting bail - I think he is dangerous," the judge added.

Grey was remanded in custody and will reappear for his sentence hearing in six weeks.