Anthony Stansfeld announces £3.5 million investment to reduce crime

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The Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner has announced a £3.5 million investment in partnerships and organisations to reduce crime and the causes of offending.

Anthony Stansfeld made the announcement on Monday regarding the investment which will come from the Community Safety Fund grant allocation of £3.083 million, which brings together a number of different drug intervention, crime reduction and community safety funding streams that the Home Office previously provided directly to local authorities, partner bodies and voluntary agencies.

Despite cuts of 21 per cent in Home Office grant funding in this specific area the PCC has been able to maintain the levels of funding for community safety initiatives by topping up the grant from his own budget to create a total fund of just over £3.5 million.

The grants will be paid to local authorities to commission work through Community Safety Partnerships, Youth Offending Teams and Drugs and Alcohol Action Teams.

Funding has also been given to Thames Valley Police to fund their Custody Intervention Programme as well as to some smaller local organisations.

Mr Stansfeld said: “I am pleased to announce my £3.5million investment in crime prevention and reduction services across the Thames Valley.

“This fund will enable partnerships and organisations to continue with their commendable and essential work by commissioning projects to tackle the issues that are affecting their local areas.

“Some of the projects being funded include services to tackle domestic violence, anti-social behaviour, substance misuse and re-offending as well as support services for victims.”