Arson attack destroys toys at Aspley Guise Lower School

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Police are investigating an arson attack on a lower school which saw £8,200 of equipment destroyed.

Bikes, tricycles, buggies and space hoppers, were all ruined after three separate fires were started in the school’s storage sheds.

Headteacher, Melanie Mercer, said it was fortunate the fire didn’t spread to the school building.

She said: “I am in utter disbelief that anyone would do this. We look on to a field so someone would have to come right over to the sheds to do this.

“All that is left now is the metal framework of the bikes which has melted together. It is a horrible statue to the disaster. And if the wind had been blowing the other way it may have got to the school building as well.”

Businesses and local residents are now rallying round to raise funds to help replace the equipment.

Melanie said: “I have seen the worst of society and now the best as people have taken to social networking sites to appeal for any help that can be provided.

“It’s just a shame that just as the nice weather has arrived the children won’t be able to use the equipment. At least it wasn’t people though, these items can be replaced.”

The fire is being treated as an arson and Bedfordshire Police is currently investigating. Any witnesses can call 101.