Barney sees trouble as yobs aim rubble

Lee Barney
Lee Barney

A BUS company is considering making one city estate a no-go area due to the action of mindless vandals.

Yobs in Walnut Tree have been throwing stones and rocks at buses on the estate, resulting in windows being smashed and prompting one councillor to declare they could kill someone.

The missile throwing has been going on since May last year. Operators Z&S had to be persuaded to continue serving the estate roads in the evenings. One attack saw a fist- sized rock thrown at a bus.

This year alone the vandals have struck on January 10, 20, 21 and 23, when windows were smashed.

Milton Keynes Council member for Walton Park, Councillor Lee Barney said: “This is very dangerous. They could kill someone. They see it as fun and games, but if that bus swerves and hits someone they could die.”

A spokesman for SaferMK, a partnership which includes the council and Thames Valley Police, said: “We take these acts of mindless vandalism that could pose a risk to the safety of both the drivers and passengers very seriously.”