'Besotted' Milton Keynes man spared jail after harassing ex partner

A hedge-fund worker who sent one-penny bank transfers to his ex-lover in a bid to win her back has been spared immediate jail despite breaching a restraining order.

By Sally Murrer
Thursday, 23rd June 2022, 1:59 pm

Besotted Juventus Donbeinaa was given a suspended sentence even though he had previously turned up at the young woman's parents' home with a knife.

A judge heard that in his desperate attempts to talk to former partner he repeatedly sent unwanted gifts of several one pence bank transfers with love notes, balloons, cards and even a back massager.

Appearing in the dock at Aylesbury Crown Court, the 23-year-old from Monkston Park, apologised to the judge and the family of his ex.

He was given a suspended sentence

Prosecutor Tim Naik said: "The complainant in this case used to be the defendant's partner. In February 2021, he turned up to her parent's house with a knife, which he admitted in court and was sentenced for in May 2021.

"A restraining order preventing contact with the family and their address, as well as her address... was made. Seven months later he made the first of a number of communications.

"On July 12 he started liking her posts on Instagram and he privately messaged her on the app saying 'I miss you so much, I ain't coping at all.' He then later made two bank transfers of 1p each, saying 'I got you I promise x'.

"On another occasion he transferred a total of three pence with a PIN number in the description and told her he had a bank account with £2,000 for her.

"She then received a letter for a bank card in her name and was delivered a back-massager. He was arrested on October 17 and was released under investigation.

"On February 9 this year, she received another parcel containing balloons and a Moonpig card with a photo of the two together. He then later privately messaged her on social media again to say the restrictions were over, referring to the restraining order length."

The prosecutor added: "There is no victim personal statement but there is a statement from Ms X where she says, quite fairly: 'I'm scared of Mr Donbeinaa, who showed up at my parents' property with a knife. I don't know what he is capable of’.”

"This is a persistent breach of using quite sophisticated methods," said the prosecutor.

Donbeinaa, admitted one count of harassment by breaching a restraining order and one count of harassment without violence.

Representing himself in court, he told the judge: "I would like to apologise to her and her family. I didn't mean to cause any distress - I was previously in a relationship with her. It's sad to see what it has come to. I'm going to stay out of her life."

Sentencing him, Judge Frances Sheridan said: "She wanted to be left alone. You have made it perfectly obvious that you were obsessed by the girl with your behaviour. The relationship ended in June 2019. You went to her parent's address with a knife and for that you were sentenced in the magistrates court.

"I make no bones about it - you're very lucky it was dealt with at the magistrates court - if you were sent to Crown Court you would have gone to prison. There's too many knives on the streets.

"You were a nuisance to her and you knew it. You are capable of a bright future but not if you continue to behave in this way. Next time you contact her you will go to prison."

Donbeinaa was sentenced to a total of three months' imprisonment, which was suspended for two years. He was also made subject to a five-year restraining order preventing any further contact. He was also ordered to pay £500 compensation.