Brave schoolboy, 12, needs plastic surgery for burns after saving two small girls from horrific boiling water attack

Another boy aged EIGHT was threatening to squirt boiling water at the girls, says his mum

Wednesday, 13th October 2021, 10:52 am
Updated Wednesday, 13th October 2021, 9:08 pm

A schoolboy has suffered severe burns after trying to intervene when an eight-year-old threatened to attack other children with boiling water.

The brave 12-year-old, who is on the autistic spectrum and has special needs, was horrified when the younger boy made his threat while the youngsters were playing outside their homes in MK on Saturday.

"The boy had a plastic flask-type bottle, the type you have in lunchboxes. He said he was going to get boiling water from the kettle and squirt it over the girls, who were aged about eight or nine," said the mum.

The 12-year-old's leg on Monday, two days after the incident. It is still being assessed by plastic surgeons for skin grafts

"Earlier he'd been outside playing with a lighter and my son had tried to get him to put it down, telling him it was dangerous."

"The boy went into his kitchen in his house, boiled the kettle and poured the water into the flask. My son followed him in and was trying to persuade him not to do it, telling him it was wrong," she said.

But as the 12-year-old pleaded with him, the flask fell over - and newly-boiled water tipped all over his lower leg.

"It seems to have been an accident that it tipped over - but the intention was there. The boy had filled up the flask from the kettle to squirt these girls. My son suffered serious burns for trying to stop him - and I am so proud of him," said the mum.

She was unaware of the incident until her son came running home and was "hysterical" with the pain.

He was rushed to A&E, where doctors treated the burns immediately. This week he has been to see plastic surgeons at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Aylesbury to assess whether he will need skin grafts and surgery in the future.

Meanwhile the mum has reported the incident to police.

"Police were lovely. They came round to see us and the couldn't have been nicer. But because the boy concerned is only eight, there is nothing they can do," she said.

The age of criminal responsibility in England and Wales is 10. This means that children under 10 cannot be arrested by police or charged with a crime.

"The officers did go to see the boy and talked to him and his parent. They told me they would report it to social services because he was alone in the house at the time," said the mum.

"The police have done all they can and I'm happy with that."

She added: "Meanwhile, my son keeps thinking he's done something wrong to get burned. He keeps apologising. He even said sorry to the doctors and nurses for taking up their time. But I've told him he was a real hero.

"If the boy had done what he threatened to the girls, they could have been badly burned too. The water could even have gone on their faces and scarred them for life."

Because the 12 year old is on the spectrum, he can struggle to understand empathy and social interaction. But in this case, says his mum, he has excelled himself.

"I am so proud of my son for saving those girls. I just wish my son hadn't been hurt in the process. He's still in severe pain but he's being so brave.

"I just hope by seeing his story in the MK Citizen, he will realise how brave, special and wonderful he is," she said.