Burglars caught on camera robbing the same Milton Keynes house TWICE in two months

One of the burglars captures on camera
One of the burglars captures on camera

A woman who was burgled by the same offender twice in two months has appealed for Citizen readers to identify him from her CCTV film.

The victim, who lives in Warren Park in Milton Keynes, was burgled at 4am on May 26 and then again on July 27, at 5am.

The film shows the crooks rifling through her possessions and leaving her house in a mess.

Bizarrely, all that was taken was £20 in change from a drawer, a pair of scissors and a box of tweezers.

But the CCTV clearly shows one of crooks stating that he had "done" the house before..

It is thought the same men then went on to burgle four more houses on Warren Park.

The victim said: "I felt physically sick to hear one of the voices say ‘this is where I done last time.'

She said: "The police don’t hold out much hope for catching anyone but it would be great if we could make more people aware and vigilant to ongoing burglaries in our area."

Call police on 101 if you recognise the offenders.