Burglary victim launches petition for police to improve in Milton Keynes

A burglary victim has launched a petition urging police bosses to make Milton Keynes a safer place to live.

Wednesday, 27th November 2019, 5:42 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th November 2019, 5:43 pm

Nasir Khan says many families, particularly among the Asian communities targeted for their gold, are living in constant fear of burglary and theft.

He said: “Crime in MK has significantly increased and local groups report over a dozen burglaries a week on social media. In October 2019 alone, 124 crimes were recorded in one of the neighbourhoods in MK.

“Due to lack of confidence with policing and security, we have created neighbourhood watch, surveillance to protect our belongings and each neighbour is looking after one another when we are out and about.”

Police deny burglaries are increasing
Police deny burglaries are increasing

Nasir added: “The unfortunate victims of burglaries report the unsympathetic treatment and response by the police, who generally state that they are short of resources and there is not enough proactive policing available.”

He knows of one burglary victim who claims to have been told by a police officer: “You are now off the list, so relax”.

Nasir said: “This is not a joke. We are appalled by the unsympathetic gestures at a time when people are sobbing due to the significant loss, which is mainly sentimental and not just monetary.”

He said some people have accused police of discrimination.

“People are concerned that because it’s British Asian households that are being targeted, there is an element of discrimination from the police that they don’t care. This is a very strong sentiment being felt by the communities in Milton Keynes... As much as I don’t want to believe in this sentiment, I feel that a lot more needs to be done to gain the confidence and trust of the communities.”

Nasir added: “Several families have reported that they are unable to leave the house unattended, and this is destroying peaceful enjoyment of family life. We have witnessed that people have stopped answering the door for deliveries, as there is a constant feeling of fear that there may be a burglar on the door.

“Communities in Milton Keynes are confused and worried about their personal belongings whether to take it with them or leave them at home - all because we have lost reliance and faith in our local police and security services.”

He is sending a copy of the petition letter to Thames Valley police and crime commissioner Anthony Stansfeld.

The petition is also addressed to local MPs, councillors and the Mayor.

It states: "Our request to you is to provide a plan of action that is visible to us with regards to increased policing; investigating, capturing and bringing these criminals to justice.”

Nasir is asking people to share the link on social media.

He said: “We need to get the message out and do something about it to make sure Milton Keynes is safe again. Please post this link on your page for people to sign this petition. I urge you not to ignore this message! We all need to play our part to ensure our safety and well-being.”

You can sign the petition here.

Milton Keynes Area Commander Supt. Tim Metcalfe said today in reply to Nasir's claims: There has not been an increase in residential burglary in Milton Keynes when compared with last year. Combatting this form of crime continues to be a priority for Milton Keynes Police.

“Out of the 12 areas that comprise Thames Valley Police, Milton Keynes is the fourth best area in terms of bringing burglars to justice.”

He added: “There is a detailed plan to address burglary in the area that is reviewed every fortnight to address emerging and seasonal trends. Our approach incorporates a range of both reactive and proactive measures to protect local communities against this awful crime – however to publish this approach in full would obviously undermine its effectiveness.”