CCTV released after Ikea burglary

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Thames Valley Police has released CCTV footage showing two burglars caught on camera as they steal thousands of pounds from IKEA.

The men carried out the raid at the shop in Bletcham Way, Milton Keynes, at around 7pm on Sunday, August 7 this year after gaining access to the vault where the safe is kept.

Once inside the vault, the burglars, who are wearing hats and fluorescent jackets, attempted to disable the security camera, with mixed results.

The CCTV camera shows the men entering the room, then, as one attempts to give the other a lift up to reach the camera, he stumbles and his hat is knocked off, revealing his face and bald head.

Then, when the other offender gets to the camera, he accidentally turns it towards him, giving officers a full view of his face, before finally removing it from the wall.

Despite extensive investigations, detectives haven’t yet been able to identify the burglars, who got away with around £80,000. And now, IKEA has put up a £5,000 reward available to anyone who provides information which leads to their conviction.

Detective Constable Dave Phipps, investigating officer, said: “This was a well-planned and well-executed burglary, with one glaring error – they are both caught on camera.

“I am hoping that by releasing this footage someone will recognise the men, call us with their names and pick up the reward.

“Both men are white. The first man is aged in his early to mid 30s and is bald. The second is younger and aged in his 20s.”

The CCTV video footage is available here along with further information from Det Con Phipps.

Anyone with information should contact Milton Keynes CID on 0845 8 505 505 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.