Channel 4 documentary into evil murderer from Milton Keynes airs tonight

A Channel 4 documentary about how police put a local vicar's son behind bars for murder will be aired tonight at 9pm.

Monday, 13th January 2020, 12:02 pm

Catching a Killer describes the massive police investigation into 28-year-old churchwarden and pillar of the community Ben Field.

Evil Field from Olney posed as the caring gay lover of elderly scholar Peter Farquar - but secretely he was plotting to kill him and inheriit his wealth.

When Mr Farquhar died in 2015 at the age of 69, Field left half a bottle of whisky near him to give the impression he had drunk himself to death.

Ben Field

But police became suspicious and exhumed the body two years later. They discovered Field had been drugging his victim with sedatives and had suffocated him to death.

The story took an even more evil twist when the investigation moved to the death of Mr Farquhar's neighbour, 83-year-old church stalwart and retired headteacher Ann Moore-Martin.

With the same grisly inheritance plan in mind, Field wooed the elderly spinster and entered into a sexual relationship with her.

After a twelve week trial, Field, who is the son of the former Olney Baptist minister, was found unanimously guilty in October of the murder of Peter Farquhar. He had already pleaded guilty to four counts of fraud and two counts of burglary.

Field with his 'lover' Mr Farquhar

He showed no remorse during the trial, and afterwards Detective Chief Inspector Mark Glover said Field was "unlike any other criminal" he had encountered in his 31-year career.

"The extent of his planning, deception and cruelty towards his victims is frankly staggering, and I do not believe he has ever shown an ounce of remorse or contrition," he said.

"If he is sorry for anything it is that he got caught."