Clift convicted of Jonathan Barton murder

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A man has been convicted of murder, in connection with an attack in Milton Keynes in September 2000.

Leigh Clift, aged 31, from Lincolnshire Close, Bletchley, was found guilty at Luton Crown Court of the murder of Jonathon Barton by a unanimous verdict after a two week trial.

On September 8, 2000, Clift assaulted Mr Barton outside the Beacon public house in Bletchley with a screwdriver.

Clift was convicted of wounding with intent at Aylesbury Crown Court in January 2002 in relation to the assault and served five years of his 10 year sentence.

Mr Dalton suffered a catastrophic brain injury as a result of the assault, which left him unable to walk or talk and being fed through a tube. He was subsequently cared for at a number of hospitals plus by his mother Kim Barton at home, having had her house extended to accommodate him at home with his special needs.

Mr Barton died on 11 July 2007, at Milton Keynes General Hospital, after being admitted on 9 July 2009.

After his death, the case was reinvestigated and authority obtained from the Attorney General’s office to charge the defendant with murder.

Investigating officer Tim Pollard said: “I would like to thank the jury in this trial for considering all the evidence, including some complex medical evidence, before coming to their verdict.

“I would also like to pay tribute to the Barton family who have acted with dignity throughout the case and trial, having had to listen to some graphic details.”

Clift will be sentenced at Luton Crown court next week.