Dad of four says his family is too scared to go outside due to racist taunts and threats from children in village near Milton Keynes

A father is refusing to allow his children to leave their house because of taunts from as group of children as young as 10.

Wednesday, 10th March 2021, 5:18 pm
Updated Wednesday, 10th March 2021, 5:22 pm

He claims the situation is so bad that his children's schools have even offered them an escort to and from the premises each day.

"I don't want them to go out until this problem is solved though," said the man, who has made numerous complaints to police over the past six months.

"We just don't feel safe outside our home any more."

Police say they have spoken to both parties

The MK Citizen has seen records of several phone call logs to police, with the dad complaining about a small group of youngsters congregating outside his Cranfield home.

They include complaints that claim the children have shouted insults - including 'go back to your own country', raised their middle fingers and even lowered their trousers and exposed themselves deliberately.

The dad said his car has been vandalised and his children threatened with violence. On one occasion, one of his children was assaulted by the youngster during their daily walk, he claims.

He has sent videos of much of the evidence to Bedfordshire Police, he says.

"We moved here from Libya to get away from the war because it was not safe for my family. I'm an educated man and I've always worked and paid my taxes and National Insurance contributions. Now we don't feel we are safe here either - and it's all due to a small number of children."

He has praised the general community in Cranfield, where he has helped as a volunteers to the elderly and frail during the Covid crisis.

"99.9 per cent of people have been wonderful. My children's schools have been wonderful and they have done all the can to help. This is just three families that are ruining our lives - but the problem is that the police do not seem to be taking it seriously."

This week, while dropping one of his younger children at school after the long lockdown closure, the man says he was threatened by one of the mothers of the alleged bullies.

"She stood right in front of me and told me I was in big trouble because I'd called the police on her child. She wanted to terrify me," he said.

"That was it. I made the decision then that my children would not go to school. They would stay at home until something is done to stop this."

The Citizen has asked Bedfordshire Police whether it is investigating the complaints.

A police spokesman said: "Officers and PCSOs have worked closely with the family and school following reports of a racially aggravated incident in Cranfield. Those involved have been spoken to and guidance has been given.

"All reports of this nature are taken seriously, and Bedfordshire Police has a dedicated Hate Crime team which investigate these offences and works closely to support victims."