'Dangerous' Rottweiler that savaged Jack Russell to death believed to have killed two other dogs previously

That's according to new evidence from Milton Keynes authorities

Wednesday, 28th April 2021, 11:33 am
Updated Wednesday, 28th April 2021, 11:56 am

The Rottweiler behind Monday's sickening attack on a small terrier is understood to have a previous record of killing.

The MK Citizen has today seen evidence from official authorities that the dog regularly escapes from his home in the Greenleys area of Milton Keynes.

He is believed to be responsible for killing two other dogs and injuring two more.The first killing took place last month and the second this month, just days before Monday's incident.

A Rottweiler dog

It is understood the owner of one of the savaged dogs was so concerned that he raised the matter with local councillors, who asked police what they intended to do about it.

This week's victim was a much-loved Jack Russell terrier called Jack, who was out for a walk with his 72-year-old female owner.

The attack happened in a children's playground on Greenleys and caused widespread fear among residents that a child could be the next to be mauled.

Little Jack was rushed to the vets but his injuries were so severe that he died later the same same day. His owner was heartbroken and has planted a rose bush called 'Faithful Friend' in his memory.

Minutes after the attack on Jack, the Rottweiler struck again - choosing another Jack Russell for his victim. This dog also suffered multiple bite wounds but luckily survived after emergency surgery.

It is understood both the Jack Russells were on leads and did not provoke any attack.

After Monday's attacks the dog returned to his owner and this prompted a public outcry demanding that action be taken.

"Enough is enough," said one resident.

"Everyone is fearful this dog will get out again and next time it could be a child that is seriously injured or killed.

"We want this dog to be seized destroyed immediately. Surely there is enough proof that it is a dangerous and bloodthirsty animal?"

The Citizen asked Thames Valley Police whether they intended to seize the animal. They said the owner had been issued with a Community Protection Notice requiring him to keep his dogs under control.

The police spokesman said: "At around 10am on Monday Thames Valley Police were called to reports of two dogs running loose in Wolverton .As a result of this incident, these dogs attacked another two dogs, killing one and causing significant injuries to another."

He added: "An investigation is underway and members of the public will see more officers out and about in the area as our enquiries continue. We are appealing for any witnesses to this incident or anyone who has video footage to get in touch.

"We would also like to encourage the owner of the dog who sadly died to come forward so that they can assist with this investigation.

"The owner has today been issued with a Community Protection Notice (CPN) requiring the dogs to be kept under control at all times. If this is breached, the owner can be arrested."