Dermot O’Leary invited back to Milton Keynes, after describing the city as the “land of roundabouts”

X-factor host Dermot O’Leary has been offered a tour of Milton Keynes, after announcing that he was on his way to the “land of roundabouts”.

Dermot, who is also well-known as a Radio 2 DJ, visited the city on Thursday to promote his new book The Soundtrack To My Life.

But after he announced that he was set to meet the city’s “roundabout loving Keynesian’s”, bosses from Destination MK are inviting him for a tour of Milton Keynes.

Steven Jordan-Wilson of Destination MK said: “We were thrilled that Dermot brought his book-signing to Milton Keynes, it shows that celebrities love the city.

“While we’ll always say that Milton Keynes is more than roundabouts we know that people often associate them with Milton Keynes and we embrace that.

“There are many highlights in Milton Keynes, and anybody coming here for the first time should head to Bletchley Park which is very much in the news at the moment because of The Imitation Game which is a stunning film.

“Then there’s the new restaurants which have just opened next to stadium:mk; I went to TGI Friday’s and was blown away. Every new business brings something to Milton Keynes which sets the bar just a little bit higher.

“And then there’s everything in the city centre too - so anyone heading to Milton Keynes should turn off at the roundabouts and see what we have to offer.”