'Devastated' parents of missing Milton Keynes girl Leah Croucher speak out about daughter's lie the night before she vanished

Leah Croucher
Leah Croucher

The parents of missing Leah Croucher have spoken of the "devastating blow" when they realised she had lied to them the evening before she went missing.

It was revealed this week that the 19-year-old went out on Valentine's night between 6pm and 7.15pm, telling her parents she was going to see a friend.

However, enquiries now reveal she did not see the friend. And earlier the same evening, at 5.45pm, Leah changed the setting on her phone, which meant its location service was disabled.

Now police, together with Leah's family, are desperate to solve the mystery of where Leah went for that hour and a quarter..

Her father John said: "Please we beg you all. Think back to Valentine's Day. Did you see Leah that night? Do you know someone who said they were with her? Help us find where she went."

He added: "It was a devastating blow when we realised she hadn't been where she said. It's almost impossible to believe she would have fibbed. She had no reason to as far as we know. Please help us find what happened that night. It may be the nugget the police need to find out what happened to her."

Leah vanished while walking from her Emerson Valley home to her work at Knowlhill on Friday February 15. Despite exhaustive searches and investigations there has been no confrimed sighting of her since."

Her dad said: "It's so long now since we saw our wonderful daughter. Heard her laugh. Made her favourite meal. Washed her clothes. Gave her a hug. The days still all merge together. Time stands still. Our heartache grows by the minute however. It seems the human body has unlimited capacity for despair."

He added: "We would again like to thank the police this week for their quick response to the clothing found at Furzton lake. As usual they kept us informed every step of the way in as compassionate way as possible. It was a bittersweet moment. We were SO grateful it had nothing to do with our beautiful Leah. But upset we still have no news of Leah's whereabouts or welfare.

The family has also thanked friends and colleagues for their support, along with all the people sharing social media posts and displaying posters.

Anybody who had information about Leah should call police urgently on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymousloy on 0800 555 111.

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