Did Twitter row lead to brothel attack?

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Workers at a city escort agency have told how they were beaten, tied up and robbed by two hitmen believed to be under contract from a rival brothel.

The gangster-style attack came hours after a war of words on Twitter erupted 
between two prostitute 

One of them is run secretly from a house next door to the historic Bletchley Park, a few hundred yards away from the town’s police station.

It is understood police have seized the Bletchley brothel’s computers and phones.

Two people, a 29-year-old woman and man aged 41, have been arrested for conspiring to commit robbery and interviewed, but have not yet been charged.

Police are now searching for the ‘hitmen’ who burst into the other escort agency’s offices near Newport Pagnell.

One of the victims said: “It was terrifying – just like something you’d see in a gangster movie and not in real life. I 
really though we were going to die.

“There were four of us in the office. First the men hit out with the hammers then they tied our hands together with cable ties.

“All the time they were shouting threats and accusing us of saying stuff on Twitter.

“The whole thing probably lasted five minutes but it felt like hours.”

The men, both black, six foot tall and wearing masks, took rings and watches that the victims were wearing, ripping them off their bodies.

One said: “They had thick rubber gloves on and they were fumbling to get my watch off. In the end I helped them and handed it over because I was scared they’d beat me again.”

The men also took the keys to a car belonging to one of the victims and drove off in it.

The vehicle was later recovered nearby by police.

All the victims have praised police officers for their actions.

“They have been fantastic and we are very grateful,” said one.

Among the haul of jewellery is a distinctive Cartier ring in the shape of a panther, with emeralds for the eyes. It is hoped the burglars may be traced when they try to dispose of it.

A police spokesman confirmed officers are investigating . Anybody with information can call the non-emergency number 101.