Dog mad prison warden faces jail

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THE shocking double life of a city prison warden who lived with 58 dogs has been exposed in an RSPCA court prosecution.

At work Amanda Hammond was a smartly-dressed, well-disciplined employee helping to keep order among criminals at Woodhill prison.

But at home the former council worker lived a ‘Life of Grime’ type existence with dozens of dogs running wild round her cottage and garden.

There was no electricity or water and the floors piled with dog faeces and spongy with urine, Aylesbury Magistrates Court heard.

The dogs were kept in filthy conditions and most of them were terrified of people because they had never been handled.

It is understood the 66-year-old had started with just two or three dogs, rescued years ago through her former job within the environmental health department of a London council.

“Because they were never neutered they bred and bred,” said a neighbour.

“Puppies bred with puppies until there was a whole pack. Nobody could get close enough to count them because they were wild.

“We had no idea how many dogs there were and it was quite a shock when we found out.”

It is alleged the dogs reverted to their feral instincts and attacked sheep in nearby fields.

Neighbours watched in horror as RSPCA officials and dog experts led out dog after dog from her home earlier this year.

“Some of the dogs looked pregnant so there’s probably been even more puppies since,” said one onlooker.

“We cannot understand how this woman held down such a responsible job while leading such a bizarre home life,” he added.

The RSPCA had raided the cottage after receiving complaints that the dogs were attacking sheep in nearby fields.

Ms Hammond has pleaded guilty to failing to meet their welfare needs of 47 dogs and to confining 11 dogs in an unhygienic environment.

She has also admitted two charges of causing unnecessary suffering by failing to provide two dogs with veterinary care and a charge of allowing the dogs to cause suffering to sheep.

The case had been adjourned for sentencing until October 31 and Ms Hammond has been warned she could face jail.

She has now signed the dogs over to the RSPCA who are caring for them in kennels.

Some needed treatment for hair loss and skin problems and all were in need of specialist socialisation training.