Dying paedophile, 76, back in jail before sentencing for kidnapping nine-year-old girl

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A dying paedophile who kidnapped a nine-year-old girl after telling her he was a policeman was today (Monday) sent back to jail.

Derek Cheeseman, who has terminal stomach cancer, was expecting to be placed in the care of the social services for the last few weeks of his life.

But his sentence was adjourned at Luton crown court after social workers said they could not offer round-the-clock supervision of the 76-year-old.

Judge Mark Bishop ordered Cheesman to return to the hospital wing at Bedford prison. He said prosecution and defence psychiatrists should prepare reports on Cheeseman’s mental disorder and ordered Bedfordshire social services to provide a report setting out how they can provide “bespoke” supervision for the sex offender.

At a hearing last month, the jury heard Cheeseman had driven the nine-year-old to a lonely track on farmland where he told her to get onto the back seat.

But a farmer prevented anything else happening after seeing his car and asking the old man what was going on. He called the police to the farm in Little Brickhill and they arrested Cheeseman.

17 days earlier Cheeseman tried to kidnap two 12-year-old girls in the village of Stewkley. He asked them to walk his dogs and had offered them £10.

Because he only has months to live he was considered unfit to plead. He did not attend his trial and remained in the hospital wing of Bedford Prison.

Cheeseman of Waterloo Road, Leighton Buzzard, was accused of two offences of attempting to kidnap the two 12-year-girls on November 1 last year in Stewkley and kidnapping the nine-year-old on November 18 last year in Leighton Buzzard. After a short hearing last month the jury found that he had done the acts charged against him.

Prosecutor Laura Blackband said the two 12-year-olds were playing in The Rec on Soulbury Road in Stewkley. Walking to their homes that afternoon their route took them along High Road in the village. They were messing around pulling each others hair and “being silly” and one of the girls ran ahead of the other. That girl spotted the defendant’s dark blue Renault Scenic car. It drew up in the road, stopped and then moved off, only to stop again.

The defendant was at the wheel and shouted through the window to the girl who had run ahead, to get in. He said he had some dogs that he wanted her to walk, but there were not dogs in the car, said Miss Blackband.

Cheeseman, who had a crutch in the rear of his car, claimed he couldn’t walk the dogs because he had a bad leg. The girl opened the front passenger door, but didn’t get in.

Asked by the girl why his own family couldn’t walk the animals, Cheeseman claimed they were all dead.

The second girl caught up and asked him if he would pay them to walk the dogs. He offered them £10, but when they said they would have to check first with their families, he drove off.

A passing woman motorist had spotted Cheeseman talking to the girls and rang police giving a description of the car and its registration number.

Miss Blackband said later that month on November 18 in Leighton Buzzard, Cheeseman was able to trick a nine-year-old girl into getting in his car by pretending to be a policeman.

She had been out playing and was walking home around 4pm in Meadow Way in the town when Cheeseman pulled up in his car alongside her and told her to get in, claiming he was a policeman.

He drove her to Rectory Farm in Little Brickhill, four to five miles away. As the car travelled into a rural location the youngster became worried and started to cry. “He told her not to be silly and said ‘Don’t cry I am not going to hurt you,” said Ms Blackband.

She noticed children’s books on the back seat of the car as they drove along.

When he drove the car onto the farm, the farmer saw Cheeseman’s vehicle pulling up a dead end track. The young girl appeared to be “worried”.

The farmer got into his own Range Rover and drove over to them and called the police, who arrested Cheeseman.

Judge Bishop adjourned sentence till September 27.