Former MK Dons player in court on rape charge


A former MK Dons footballer raped a woman after seeing her in a nightclub and saying he wanted to bed her, a court has heard.

Nathan Nyafli, 21, who had left Gillingham FC three months before the incident, is accused of raping a 22-year-old woman after she had already had consensual sex with his teammate Bradley Dack.

Maidstone Crown Court has heard how the woman had travelled to Maidstone, Kent, to go clubbing with a friend when she bumped into the footballers.

Over the course of 10 hours she downed a glass of wine, four Desperado beers, two vodka and cokes, and a shot of tequila.

John O’Higgins, prosecuting, told a jury she and her friend then left the club in a taxi with Mr Dack, 21, and his teammate Michael Freiter.

The victim had sex with Mr Dack before falling asleep alongside him, leaving her friend and Mr Freiter downstairs.

A court heard Nyafli had remained in the club with friend Tetteh Johnson and was clearly annoyed that Mr Dack had left with the woman.

He said he wanted to “beat her” - a slang word meaning to have sex with her - before arriving at the flat and being let in by Mr Dack.

Mr O’Higgins said the woman then woke to find Nyafli lying on top of her while Mr Dack masturbated in the corner of the room.

He said: “Nathan Nyafli asked if he had just had sex. He said he had. He asked: ‘Where is she?’ Mr Dack said upstairs.

“The defendant went straight upstairs and into the bedroom. A little while later Bradley also went upstairs.

“As she woke up she remembers her legs were by her shoulders and a man was on top of her having sex with her.

“She assumed it was Bradley but then realised it wasn’t because he was in the room somewhere else masturbating.

“She told him to get off and physically pushed him off. He grabbed her arm, gripping it quite tight. She pushed him off and said she was leaving.

“She gathered her clothes and left, not before making it clear to all concerned that she had not consented to sex with Nathan Nyafli and he had sex with her without her consent - in short, that she had been raped.”

Mr O’Higgins told the jury at the opening of a trial on Monday (February 9) that the women called the police later that morning.

He said the victim in the case had told officers she had never seen Nyafli before but CCTV later showed the pair had kissed.

But the prosecutor added that by the end of the evening she did not seek any further contact with him and chose to leave with Mr Dack.

Nyafli told police claimed he had been flirting and kissing the alleged victim in the club and told her: “We need to carry this on later on.”

He said they all left together and went to the same takeaway to get food. The others left before him and Mr Johnson. He went to the flat and Mr Dack let him in.

Nyafli said he asked where the woman was and was told she was upstairs. He went to the bedroom where he flicked the light on and off and saw she was in bed.

He claimed he and the woman started kissing and he was touching her intimately before she told him to have sex with her.

Nyafli told officers that Mr Dack stayed in the room masturbating and the woman had a realisation of what she was doing when she saw him.

He said the woman pushed him off declaring: “I can’t believe I am doing this.”

Mr O’Higgins said: “He was annoyed that Bradley had taken her back to the flat and he simply assumed he was entitled to have sex with her.

“He announced his intention to have sex with her before he got to the flat. He marched straight up the stairs and into the bedroom.

“When he went in she was asleep. She didn’t even know he was in the flat.

“She was given no opportunity to consent to Nathan Nyafli coming into her bedroom, let alone into her bed.

“Crucially, this defendant took no steps, whatever he may say now, to find out if she consented to sex with him, because from the start that was what he was going to do, that was what he intended to do and he felt entitled to do it.”

He added: “She pushed him off because she had a realisation she was having sex with two men. That is his defence.”

Nyafli played in the youth team at MK Dons before joining Gillingham as a teenager. He retired as a result of injury last February having scored one goal in just one appearance.

The trial continues.