'Gangs smoking drugs outside my home are making my life hell' says Milton Keynes man forced to move elsewhere

A man who has complained in vain about a gang of youths causing trouble and taking drugs outside his home has slammed the authorities for failing to deal with the problem.

Tuesday, 22nd October 2019, 4:29 pm

The Fishermead resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, is so upset by the antics of teenagers outside his home that he is moving out of his flat to another area.

This week he sent a round robin email to all the police officers, council officials and parish councillors he has complained to over the course of this summer.

He said: “I have been in contact with all of you at some point over the past few months and you have all utterly failed to deal with this problem occurring at the back of the flats in Bossiney Place.


“I thought that I would inform you all that because of your utter failure I feel I am now no longer to reside at my home and have chosen to move elsewhere....I do hope that you all sleep well at night, because it’s not something that I am able to achieve.”

The man added: “You should all be aware that now the colder weather is here the youths have taken to smoking their drugs inside the communal areas of the flats...This evening they are smoking drugs in a cupboard where all of the gas services are fed from.

“Fortunately for myself I will no longer reside here and I hope to be gone by Christmas. I do however have sympathy for my fellow neighbours who will have to tolerate this disgusting behaviour without challenge from any authority.”

The resident has called police on numerous occasions when the youths have gathered, but claims officers failed to attend.


He told the MK Citizen: “Gangs of youths are doing drugs, drug dealing, intimidating residents and generally causing a nuisance at both the back and front of flats where I live. I cannot even have my windows open in my own home because of the noise and intoxicating smell of drugs which they do immediately outside."

The man said he once approached the teenagers and asked them to move on because they were causing so much noise.

“They informed me that they could do what they liked and if I wanted them to move I would have to pay them money,” he said.

Police deny they have ignored the problem and say officers have carried out regular patrols of the area, completed house to house enquiries and stop-searched young people for drugs.

They said: “To date we have only found a very small quantity of cannabis on one person sufficient for personal use only. Fishermead in general is one of the areas we receive a large number of calls from relating to ASB and drug dealing.”

They add: “We have had incidents that have been called in by Mr x that have been attended immediately due to officers being in the area. Unfortunately they have found on these occasions people have left prior to our arrival.

“With the limited resources we have in the NH teams I am happy that our response to date has been proportionate. The location features on our patrol plans and is patrolled on a regular basis by the NH teams.”